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Curiosità: Il BT Murrayfield in corsa per diventare la nuova casa del calcio scozzese

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La Scottish FA, la federazione calcistica scozzese, ha annunciato che il BT Murrayfield sarà l'unico sfidante di Hampden per diventare la nuova casa del calcio scozzese.

Il contratto della SFA per l'affitto di Hampden Park scade nel 2020 e negli ultimi mesi la federazione ha iniziato a guardarsi intorno per trovare una soluzione alternativa allo stadio di Glasgow, entrato nel "mito" del calcio scozzese ma comunque ormai, per molti, non più adatto per ospitare le gare della nazionale di calcio.

Paul Goodwin, co-fondatore della Scottish Football Supporters Association, ha detto a BBC Scotland che " part of the problem we have with the stadium [is that] we're emotionally attached to it for [being] steeped in the history of Scottish football. But it doesn't have the quality, it doesn't have the transport, the infrastructure. Everyone is really divided over it, so it's having a range of options on the table and deciding what's for the good of Scottish football. "

La SFA ha bocciato la proposta di ospitare gare della Nazionale e le finali delle coppe al Celtic Park o ad Ibrox, case rispettivamente di Celtic e Rangers e ha tenuto in considerazione la candidatura presentata dalla Scottish Rugby, oltre al rinnovo del leasing per il National Stadium, che non sembra però - almeno al momento - attrarre l'entusiasmo di nessuno.

" As well as submissions from those venues involved in the process - Queen's Park, Scottish Rugby, Celtic and Rangers - the board also received supplementary information from other key stakeholders, including the Scottish FA membership," ha detto la SFA in un comunicato stampa riportato da BBC Scotland.

" Over the course of the meeting, each proposal was discussed in detail and broad themes were developed and debated among the group. The request from Glasgow City Council to review the timescales of any decision was also acknowledged.
Having considered all submissions and supporting documentation, the board has decided to further develop two positive options: remaining at Hampden Park beyond 2020 and moving to BT Murrayfield. This decision was taken after considering the financial implications of all proposals submitted.
Given the complexity of the discussion - as well as the social, economic and emotional impact of any final decision - the board was unanimous that more work requires to be undertaken to bring further clarity and certainty to any final decision. "

La Scottish Rugby ha accolto, ovviamente, con grande entusiasmo la decisione della SFA e, in un comunicato stampa emesso ieri - che riporto integralmente qui sotto - ribadito la disponibilità ad aprire le porte al calcio.

" Scottish Rugby's Chief Operating Officer, Dominic McKay said: "We are very proud our bid has been received so positively by the Scottish FA and will be one of the two options they will take forward in their final review process.

"Over the coming months we look forward to outlining - to all stakeholders - our exciting vision of how football will benefit, both on and off the park, from the world-class facilities and outstanding atmosphere at BT Murrayfield. "We believe that partnering together has many benefits for Scottish sport. "BT Murrayfield will shortly host two sell-out matches in the NatWest 6 Nations which will demonstrate once again why we believe Scotland's largest stadium (67,144 capacity) has a major role to play in giving our national teams, whether rugby or football, the perfect stage to perform upon. "We look forward to continuing discussions with our friends at the Scottish FA."

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