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GIRL RISING – A documentary and a book

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"Se Dio esiste, dovrà chiedermi scusa"
(Scritta apparsa su un muro di Auschwitz)

Il crollo di Pompei? Neanche Ercole riuscirebbe a tenere su tutti i muri in pericolo nel Bel Paese, figuriamoci il ministro Bondi! (Rina Brundu)

GIRL RISING – A documentary and a book
For fans of inspirational nonfiction such as I Am Malala and Chelsea Clinton's It's Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!, here is a full-color book inspired by the powerful documentary film Girl Rising about educating girls across the globe.

Worldwide, over 62 million girls are not in school.
But one girl with courage is a revolution.

Girl Rising, a global campaign for girls' education, created a film that chronicled the stories of nine girls in the developing world, allowing viewers the opportunity to witness how education can break the cycle of poverty.

Now, award-winning author Tanya Lee Stone deftly uses new research to illuminate the dramatic facts behind the film, focusing both on the girls captured on camera and many others. She examines barriers to education in depth-early child marriage and childbearing, slavery, sexual trafficking, gender discrimination, and poverty-and shows how removing these barriers means not only a better life for girls, but safer, healthier, and more prosperous communities.

With full-color photos from the film, infographics, and a compelling narrative, Girl Rising will inspire readers of all ages to join together in a growing movement to help change the world.

Praise for the film:
"The documentary every mother, sister, daughter, should see, as well as the men who love and support them." - Entertainment Weekly

"Delivers . . . tangible hope that the world can be healed in a better future." -Meryl Streep

" Girl Rising stands as a testament to the power of information." - The Los Angeles Times

GIRL RISING – A documentary and a book
GIRL RISING – A documentary and a book

Bisogna avere in sé il caos per partorire una stella che danzi. -- (---) -- Il mio tempo non è ancora venuto; alcuni nascono postumi.

Non voglio seguaci, persone ubbidienti. Voglio amici intelligenti, compagni di viaggio.

Platone è il mio amico, Aristotele è il mio amico, ma il mio migliore amico è la verità.

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