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How to reach and where to park at Mugello for MotoGP 2013

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The countdown for the Italian Grand Prix has been started! It is scheduled on May 31st to June 2nd at the Mugello circuit. The 5,245 meters of the Tuscan circuit will be the protagonists of the challenges among the racers of MotoGP, Moto2 and 125.

We report here the directions to Mugello Circuit, where to park and how to get to the racetrack.


By car or motorbike

From the A1 (Milan – Naples), exit at Barberino di Mugello and follow the signs for “Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello”, which is located in the town of Scarperia.

Arriving from Bologna is also possible to exit the motorway at Pian del Voglio, reaching the circuit from the Futa pass, passing by Galliano and Scarborough. Alternatively, you can cross the Tuscan Emilian Apennines from Muraglione Pass or Pass Glue, once you reach Borgo San Lorenzo (5 km from the circuit) follow the signs to Luco Mugello and Scarborough.

From Florence the best road is the SS302 “Faenza”, crossing Fiesole, Polcanto, Borgo San Lorenzo, or the SS65 “Futa” passing Pratolino, Vaglia, San Piero a Sieve.

The GPS coordinates for the entry of the circuit are 43 ° 59’25 .88 “N, 11 ° 22’12 .18″ E.


Is confirmed the connection – free of charge – with shuttle bus from the station of Borgo San Lorenzo and San Piero a Sieve, upon the arrival of the train from Florence or Faenza. Operates Sunday, June 2.

From Borgo San Lorenzo, the shuttle will end its journey at the junction of Figliano, (Luco entrance).From San Piero a Sieve, passing by the Media Accreditation Centre, the sports field of Scarperia and stopping at Palagio entrance.

How to reach and where to park at Mugello for MotoGP 2013

For the influx has been laid down roads shown in the following map

How to reach and where to park at Mugello for MotoGP 2013

Will be set up the following parking

How to reach and where to park at Mugello for MotoGP 2013

To runoff was scheduled the following roads

How to reach and where to park at Mugello for MotoGP 2013

Access to the circuit of persons with disabilities

The person with the degree of disability of between 34 and 73% will have access to the circuit by purchasing the ticket “reduced” at the checkout stations, present in all inputs
The person with disability over 74% and its companion, will have access to free circuit.

To better facilitate their access, the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, set up a booking service that will allow (up to the exhaustion of available seats) an easier entrance for the handicapped in two areas for a post in the Central grandstand and a Mattresses in the Tribune.

How to get the accreditation:

    1. complete the attached form in all its fields;
    2. submit the form and a copy of disability certificate issued by the ASL via email valentina.baggiani @ or fax 055.8499251, no later than 15/04/2013;
    3. wait for the credit confirmation that will be sent from the Autodromo del Mugello in the same manner used for the request. In case of failure to confirm the request is considered rejected due to the exhaustion of reserved seats.
    4. The coupons input (registered and non-transferable) for the disabled person and his companion, will be sent by courier to the address indicated on the booking form.Control personnel may request an identity document.
    5. Access to the circuit will be allowed from Input palace, reserved parking will be available near the Central Tribune and the Tribune Mattresses.

The person with the degree of disability over 74% who has applied for accreditation but has not received confirmation due to the exhaustion of reserved seats in the grandstand areas may withdraw during the course of the event, at the checkout point-mail to ‘palace entrance, a free admission coupon that will allow access to the lawn area is that of the disabled companion. You will need to show the cashier indicated an identity document and the certificate issued by the ASL certifying the degree of disability. Access to the circuit will not be allowed if they have no special cutting off entry.

 Download the form to fill out for credit

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