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教中国人意语 / Teaching Chinese Italian language

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教中国人意语 / Teaching Chinese Italian language教学是我的爱好也是我的新工作。
十多年前我开始学中文时没想到这能当成我退休后的工作。 那时 我只想认识一门新语言,不管是日语还是中文,我的爱好从来都是学习外语。
第一年过去了,我学习得不太勤快,结果不是太好, 所以第二年一开始就碰到了不少麻烦。
教中国人意语 / Teaching Chinese Italian language
在学习了五年中文之后,我打算去北京学习。 回国后有了教学的机会,虽然没有工资,但是忙教学使我心里越来越满足。
还有,在这个过程中我认识了不少中国朋友, 他们帮我教学的同时我也和他们一起玩儿。
教中国人意语 / Teaching Chinese Italian language
现在我和一个艺术大学生一起学习,她让我了解中国作家的作品,我帮她写大学毕业的论文。 我们俩一起了解这两个伟大的国家,中国和意大利。
教中国人意语 / Teaching Chinese Italian language Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
中国人和我学意语以外还能有机会认识到这个国家的艺术, 历史和文化。
最后我朋友们中还有几个记者,诗人,画家和 音乐家, 我很想介绍给你们 。
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Teaching is my hobby and my new job.
When I started learning Chinese more than 10 years ago, I did not expect this to be my job after retirement. At that time I just wanted to know a new language, no importance whether Japanese or Chinese, my hobby has always been the study of foreign languages.
After the first year, when I was not too busy to learn, the result was not so good. As the second year  started, I had a lot of trouble.
After five years, I decided to go to study in Beijing. Just back I had the opportunity to start teaching. I earned no money, but being busy with teaching gave me more satisfaction.
Moreover, in this period I met a lot of Chinese friends, they helped me teach and let me play with them.
Now, I go on studying with an art college student, she let me know and understand contemporary novels of China's writers while I help her write her diploma work. We two are able to deeply understand these great countries, China and Italy. 

In Milan, Italy I became a Mandarin teacher, as well as Italian language teacher of Chinese.
As the Chineses study Italian with me, they can also get acknowledged to this country's art, history and culture.
Finally, among my friends there are a few journalist, musician, poet, painter etc. and
I would like to introduce you.
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