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The #misseychelles Necklace Length Guide | #stylenotes

Creato il 11 aprile 2016 da Misseychelles @misseychelles
The #misseychelles Necklace Length Guide | #stylenotes

A special necklace or a trendy one is always a good start to attract attention. The neck is the protagonist and sometime you have also to try to wear more necklaces at the same time, they can turn a simple outfit in something magical, you know what I mean! Often I buy necklaces online and of course I cannot try them, so I have to consider the lengths to understand which necklace I need. Well, I wore all my pearl necklaces and I created a guide to remember the lengths.The guide is simple and colorful, it includes names, measurements in inches and centimeters. Enjoy it!

xoxo Misseychelles ♥

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