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B.S.A. Scout-Car

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B.S.A. Scout-Car
B.S.A. Scout-Car

Cartamodello del carro leggero inglese "B.S.A. Scout-Car". Prodotto da Modelcraft tra la fine del 1942 e l'inizio del 1943 appartiene alla serie "Tanks British, USA and Russian" composta di sei modelli in totale. Misure 9 x 13 cm."B.S.A. Scout-Car" cardmodel published by Modelcraft in late 1942 or early 1943. It is part of series "Tanks British, USA and Russia". Card 6 of 6. Size 9 x 13 cm.Notes on the recto: B.S.A. SCOUT-CAR – Possibly this little armoured car should not be called a "tank"; it does not run on a track laid down and picked up, as a tank does. But we have included it because clearly it is the tank's "kid-brother." In size our model is related correctly to all the others in the set, and in consequence becomes rather a challenge to the model-maker's skill and patience. The finished result will more than amply repay you for your trouble and the neatness of your work. Both this model and the Bren-gun carrier, when made, can together be "garaged" in one match-box – to the amazement and delight of your friends privileged to see them ! If you decide to make and fit an engine (not recommended), or if you do not even try, the position of it in the scout-car is at the rear. The prototype has a speed of fifty miles an hour. Two men are carried, together with a Lewis-gun and rifles. It is employed for long range reconnaissance and for liaison. It is about 10 feet long, 8 feet high and 7 feet wide. THE BREN-GUN CARRIER – The "B.G.C." unlike the Scout-car, runs on tracks. The body is open at the top, and a Bren-gun is mounted conveniently, as shown for either A.A. or horizontal fire. It is employed for bringing up men for fighting dismounted. It has a very good turn of speed over even rough ground, and is amazingly manœuvrable.

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