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Call for participant 6th Caserta Independent Film Festival

Creato il 13 febbraio 2015 da Cinemadalbasso @cinemadalbasso
Call for participant  6th Caserta Independent Film Festival

The 6th edition of Cinema dal Basso Film Festival will take place, once more, under the artistic direction of Giusi Ricciato on a graphic project by Novella Morrone. Key event of the cultural scene of our city, the Festival is a not be missed appointment for the cinema enthusiasts and all the independent artists who faces, covering different roles, the seventh art and the cornerstone of an underground movement that, starting from the bottom, aspires to create profitable meetings and connections based on the common love for a different, independent and passionate cinema.

The Festival produces an original burst into the local cinematographic scene, where the avant-garde of new eastern cinema and the unknown homegrown talents, the new production of independent cinema coming from all over the world and the most interesting Venice Film Festival discoveries, the precious jewels selected by Cinema dal Basso during various European Independent film festival and the best of the local cinematographic production find their ideal place. Exhibitions, concerts and meetings with filmmakers, scriptwriters and producers of Italian independent cinema scene will be organized during the showings.

All this is realized, with passion, perseverance and sacrifice, by a group of cinema, communication and graphic professionals and hosted by Teatro Civico 14 in Caserta, that has always spread its arms to this project, ideal cauldron of synergistic exchanges among the cinematographic workforce, where it is possible to find the riches soil for independent expressions, innovative ideas and new collaborations.

The call for participant is out now on the web site It is open to short films, feature-films, documentaries, animations, video clips and video installations. The attendance is free and no prize will be provided for the participants: the works, each one accurately selected by a group of cinema experts, will be awarded just with the highest visibility and diffusion; they'll be shown during the festival and they'll be part of an artistic "container" into which different realities, involved in the cinematographic circuit, can flow into. Cinema del Basso, in fact, shrinks from the common place of the economic speculation on the work of art, proposing instead to free the artist and his work from the commercial mentality, inviting him to join a circuit where the work of art could encourages viewers' reflection and be appreciated by audience, film-makers and lovers of the seventh art, leaded just by a sincere and genuine passion for cinema, according to its exclusive artistic value.

Among the guests of the previous events, presented by the artistic director of our partner Caserta Film Lab Francesco Massarelli, are Paolo Speranza, director of "Quaderni di Cinemasud", the filmmakers Barbara Rossi Prudente (Solinas Award), Romano Montesarchio (Roma Doc Fest Award), Luigi Marmo (Linea d'Ombra Festival), Matilde De Feo, Angelo Cretella (Giffoni Film Festival), Giuseppe Marco Albano (Nastro d'Argento and David di Donatello Award nominee), Edoardo De Angelis, Mario Balsamo (Torino Film Festival), Simona Tili (Napoli Film Festival), Pietro Marcello (winner of different awards at Venice Film Festival and other italian and international Festivals), Pippo Mezzapesa (excellent independent italian filmakers, whose works were shown at Venice and Rome Film Festival and nominated for Nastri d'Argento and Globo d'Oro), the multi-awarded documentary filmmaker Gianfranco Pannone, Costanza Quatriglio (Venice and other important Italian and international festivals), Enrico Iannacone (Milano Film Festival and David di Donatello 2013), Luca Ragazzi e Gustav Hofer (special mention at Berlin Film Festival and Nastro d'Argento), Remigio Truocchio (Ciné - Giornate Estive di Cinema), Pinuccio Lovero, Marco D'Amore (Gomorra - the series).

Ufficio stampa e comunicazione: Valentina Sanseverino Fb: Cinema dal Basso
Call for participant  6th Caserta Independent Film Festival
  1. The Festival of Cinema dal Basso has no limitations on subject, genre and narrative formula. Maximum length must be around 60′.
  2. The works realized in foreign languages must be subtitled in English and, preferably, in Italian.
  3. The works must be sent exclusively by mail at: [email protected]

The materials must arrive no later than April 16th, 2015.

The works of art will be admitted at the Festival according to the quantity and quality of the works received. The selection board reserves the right not to admit at the Festival (and consequently at the selection) any work that, even respecting the conditions of participation, isn't compatible with the main idea of the Festival.

The finalist operas will be presented during the different soirées of Cinema dal Basso Film Festival, during the month of April 2015.

The participation at the Festival is free.

The program of the events related to the Festival and every potential variation, will appear on the web site: and on the Facebook page: Cinema dal Basso.

Enrolling and participating at the Festival and at the selection means that you must totally accept the following rules and approve the use and reproduction, by Cinema dal Basso, of the works and their video or photo abstracts for any kind of documentary or promotional publication.

By sending your opera you authorize the organization to show the works of art entirely for cultural and promotional purposes.

The authors and/or the producers of the works free Cinema dal Basso from the covering of the rights on their films.

The works of art will enter in the archive of Cinema dal Basso, who reserves the right to show them even outside the Festival contest, as part of their activities and projects.

Each exception at the present regulation, will be faced by the direction according to its will.

The competition announcement, the condition of participation and the registration form can be downloaded from the Web site: .

Each participant will receive a confirmation of their proper subscription to the contest by e-mail. They'll also be warned, by e-mail, about the admission at the final phase.

Call for participant  6th Caserta Independent Film Festival


I, the undersigned _________________ author of the film: ___________________ copyright owner of the above-quoted work, authorize Cinema dal Basso to show the present film. I hereby authorize the treatment of my personal data in conformity with Italian Law 196/2003 regarding the safeguarding of privacy.

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