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Der Fall Collini – Ferdinand von Schirach

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January 29, 2016 · 5:47 pm

Der Fall Collini – Ferdinand von Schirach

In this period of stressfull worktime, I really needed some fiction to read: I needed to change place and time. So I "went" to Germany with this book.

There is a lawyer who decides to defend Collini, who has killed Hans Meyer, a famous and rich old man. The story is not long: it seems that there is no defence space in this case, because Collini doesn't want to speak. On the contrary: he admits his fault. But then the lawyer finds out that the victim was his family friend the grandphater of her nice looking nephew (of course she is nice looking...).

Well, at the end, Leinen, the lawyer, manages to find the reason why Collini killed Meyer, and all the situation seems different: of course, Meyer had been a nazi who has killed Collini's father.

Rather boring.
Above all, I think that I would hardly find a woman more stupid and banal than Johanna, Meyer's nephew. She speaks max three times through the whole book. She is there just to make some sex with the lawyer. Dephtless at all. Almost invisible. Less than a cliché.

But, like in all book, you always learn something. In this case, the EGOWIG LAW, that, at the end of Sixties, prescribed a lot of nazi crimes. Yes. That's it. And once the public noticed it, there was nothing else to do, because once a crime is prescribed, you cannot consider it a crime anymore.
Very well. And two days ago was the Memory day, wasn't it?

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