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Dota 2 Reborn update: risolto grave bug per driver AMD su Linux [Changelog]

Creato il 25 giugno 2015 da Desktopsolution
Dota 2 Reborn update: risolto grave bug per driver AMD su Linux [Changelog]

Uno dei MOBA più apprezzati al mondo del momento, DOTA 2, in versione reborn, è stato "vittima" (o il contrario) di un massivo bugfix, portando alla risoluzione di moltissime problematiche, riguardanti pure il mondo del pinguino. Grazie alla massiva sistemazione, il MOBA di Valve si appresta ad essere meglio supportato da Linux.

In particolare, nel changelog del sito ufficiale di DOTA 2 si nota:

Linux: Fixed bug where the game wasn't rendering properly on various hardware configurations Linux: Fixed issues involving viewports on AMD FOSS drivers

Una risoluzione non certo di poco conto. come aggiunta, vi riportiamo il changelog completo, così da potervelo spulciare per bene 😉 :

DOTA 2 Reborn: Changelog del 24 Giugno 2015

- Fixed bug where units would be delayed when coming out of the fog of war based on latency
- Fixed a bug where heroes would sometimes spawn in the middle of the map and be uncontrollable
- Fixed a courier delivery bug where the courier would stop responding to delivery commands
- Fixed a bug causing the most popular custom games list to not update correctly
- Loading into a game where players have effigies equipped no longer causes an additional loading stall
- Fixed bugs in the Dota map involving warding invalid locations
- Made various collision adjustments to the Dota map
- Fixed several juke spot bugs in the Dota map
- Fixed trees and plants not looking as high quality as intended
- Fixed the visuals associated with Tinker's March of the Machines
- Fixed missing particles, models, and effects on certain econ items (such as the Wrath of Ka set for Necrophos)
- Fixed many couriers that were missing their correct bind poses
- Fixed inconsistencies where abandoning could cause the game to end without punishment
- Fixed a performance problem with Tinker's March of the Machines
- Leshrac's immortal weapon can now be properly unequipped
- Added a new simple network information overlay option that can display FPS, ping, and packet loss when in-game
- By default, the custom games lobby browser will now show the most recently created lobby at the top
- Made region sorting alphabetical in the custom games lobby browser
- Added a UI option for the dashboard rendering quality setting
- The F5 key will now refresh the custom game lobby browser
- The left/right arrow keys can now be used to browse the list of all custom games
- Fixed basic/advanced video radio buttons not being properly selected upon entering settings popup
- Fixed Thai language text incorrectly using the wrong font
- Fixed various dashboard tooltip styling bugs
- Fixed console key detection when multiple keys are bound to toggleconsole
- Added model loaded sounds to various UI screens
- Fixed various bugs relating to the Watch Live game list
- Fixed the reconnection UI incorrectly appearing after a match is accepted (but before a connection is established)
- Fixed various IME issues
- Fixed issues with Legion Commander's voice when the Arcana is equipped
- Fixed a bug relating to the in-game respawn music
- Hero Demo mode now respects the selected style from the loadout screen
- Changed the Hero Demo invulnerability buff to only prevent damage (but not prevent buffs, for example)
- Fixed the Hero Demo invulnerability buff not being transferred over when you do Equip New Item or Select New Hero
- Fixed a crash in the Hero Demo when playing as Meepo and using the Equip New Item feature
- Mac/Linux: Fixed bug where the Watch tab would get stuck on "Waiting for game data"
- Mac/Linux: Fixed bugs where high-quality water wasn't being rendered correctly
- Mac/Linux: Fixed bug where a green screen would be seen intermittently when starting the game
- Linux: Fixed bug where the game wasn't rendering properly on various hardware configurations
- Linux: Fixed issues involving viewports on AMD FOSS drivers
- Fixed bug where many model files couldn't be opened in the model editor
- Fixed the URL in the Tools' Help menu pointing at the wrong address
- Fixed a bug where Hammer wouldn't save correctly after changing maps
- A trailing semi-colon is no longer necessary when setting CSS styles in Javascript
- Added dump_panorama_css_properties, which prints out the list of all valid CSS properties and their documentation
- Added CreateHTTPRequest and the CScriptHTTPRequest object
- PlayerResource:SetCameraTarget( playerID, entity ) now more reliably locks the camera to the target
- Included dkjson library for JSON encode/decode in Lua
- Fixed crash when custom games attempted to destroy an invalid tree
- Changed invalid file references in Panorama from being an error to a warning
- Added a Panorama dialog handler for key binding names: {g:dota_key:<dialog_variable_name>}
- Added script function GameRules:PlayerHasCustomGameHostPrivileges()
- Javascript $.Msg() now prints the name of functions instead of 'undefined'
- Add support for the <pre> tag in HTML labels
- Fixed a bug when registering a Lua modifier outside of an ability
- Fix for Particle Editor UI missing combine mode
- SFM: Can now change resolution dynamically
- SFM: Can now layoff movies to higher resolution than the SFM viewport resolution
- SFM: Fixed poster layoff
- SFM: Particle effects that use traces for placement (e.g. Earthshaker's Fissure) now correctly render along the ground

Un vero e proprio terremoto di bugfix. Un saluto dallo staff pinguinoso.

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Dota 2 Reborn update: risolto grave bug per driver AMD su Linux [Changelog]

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