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Firmware Nokia C6-00 sul vostro N97

Creato il 31 gennaio 2011 da Bald

By mamutu07:
E’ stato finalmente rilasciato il Porting C6 per il nostro N97!
Funzionante al 100% per gli RM-505/506. Un grazie: doctorly, PNHT and binh24.

Firmware Nokia C6-00 sul vostro N97

Appena riesco traduco in italiano:
New updates :
- New dialer like symbian 3.
- New email manager.
- Swipe to unlock…
- FM transmit/widget working
- Camera working
IMPORTANTE!! –> Detele system folder from memmory to best effect (private/sys/system/resource) or do a format.

Notes :
- Don`t use with ROFS3

L’AUTORE CITA: —->Don’t Swap ROFS2 files between different phone variants. This will kill your phone!
- Don’t flash using a higher version if you plan to revert back to an older version!
- Favorite contacts:Copy your old contacts to SIM, then Soft reset your phone. After that, copy from SIM to phone. It should work fine
- Before nagging about a bug, use the Search function and see if there is a solution. If not, post your bug in the forum.
- There is no way to remove themes that are in CORE. Don’t waste your time asking about that.

Per maggiori info e download clicca qui.

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