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Floating Gardens: contemporary solutions.

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The founders of Studio Noach, Kizito Musampa and Michel Kreuger together with the architect Anne Holtrop have designed this wealth centre and Spa in Amsterdam, a floating building made in PFC. Walls and ceilings are covered with flowers and plants designed by the French designer Patrick Blanc.
Floating Gardens: contemporary solutions.
The Floating Gardens/ SpaWellness Amsterdam has been designed to be located in the lake next to the city, an area rich with high quality fresh waters: the building-garden will be a susteinable floating biotope, made by recycled materials and covered by planting, that will literally take oxygen from the "holes" of the building itself.
Floating Gardens: contemporary solutions.The material is called GreenRexwall and it was developed together with the German Aquahouse GmbH: it is so strong that concrete, wood or bricks are not necessary. Moreover, the nnovative building techniques allow to decrease the amount of energy necessary for the building: the water all around works as a "inter-changer" of heat, a sort of refrigerator, and the building results to be 70% more efficient than a conventional system.Floating Gardens: contemporary solutions.
Floating Gardens: contemporary solutions.

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