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Galaxy S II in preordine per l’italia! Prezzo? 812 €…

Creato il 24 febbraio 2011 da Contazrazor

Già, il prezzo lascia piuttosto perplessi, ma come si dice… è un preordine di un gran bel dispositivo, arriverà  a fine marzo, ed è la nuova stella di casa Samsung!

Galaxy S II in preordine per l’italia! Prezzo? 812 €…sta arrivando a passi brevi il galaxy sII, da oggi è preordinabile sul sito che spedisce direttamente in italia, la data in cui i dispositivi dovrebbero arrivare nello store è a fine marzo.  Questa è la descrizione che rilascia il sito di e-commerce.

The new Galaxy S is finally here and it is a powerhouse of a smartphone in a slim and lightweight design. Thinner than the original Galaxy S iPhone, the new Samsung Galaxy S II is light (only 117g) and packs the latest version of Android (Gingerbread).

The Galaxy S II boasts a 4.27-inch WVGA (480 x 800) Super AMOLED Plus screen display, an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash and 1080p full HD vdieo recording, video playback at 30 frames per second and a dual-core processor, with each running at a blistering 1.2Ghz. The screen is 4.27-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, has colours visibly brighter and more vivid than other phones, with better contrast and lower power consumption, superb for both gaming and video watching. The Galaxy S II also comes with Near Field Technology (NFC), the advancement that lets you access or pay for products and services simply by swiping your phone near a reader.

Samsung have also made improvements to the user interface, with four hubs to help you make the most of your Galaxy S II; Social, your chatting life in one place, Readers, Samsung’s new ebook reader area, Game, the easiest way to download and play the best games, and Music, with access to over 12 million tracks.

Express your color! This brilliant display delivers superior color, enhancedreadability, a 21.5mm slimmer form, and better battery consumption than the previous generation. Upgrading from Pentile matrix to Real-Stripe panel technology takes this 4.3″ beauty to the next level with 30% more pixels per inch for a brighter, clearer and richer viewing experience. The new technology even uses less space and less energy, consuming 18% less energy than the previous display, making it one of the thinnest, longest lasting smartphone available.

Samsung Dual Core Application Processor:
Dedicated to speed, Samsung Dual Core Application Processor is based on Quad GPU and has 3200M pix/s. Clocking at lightening speeds the unrivaled performance of the Dual Core Application Processor provides unsurpassed functionality and density for faster downloads, quicker multi-tasking, a smoother UI, snappier streaming and highly efficient gaming. With encoding/decoding ability that supports video play and recording of all 1080p/30fps makes it no.1 among dual cores.

8MP Camera with LED Flash:
Get your shots in. The 8MP auto focus camera doesn’t miss any details whether you’re shooting idleness or action. Take beautiful, detailed photos even in low light with the built-in LED flash. And thanks to the much improved user interface of Android Gingerbread, fast scene switching is possible. And a quick switch to the 2MP front-facing camera makes self-portraits a snap. Picture the difference.

NFC (Near Field Communication):
Leave your wallet at home. The Samsung GALAXY S II has it in hand. It will house NFC short-range high frequency wireless communication technology for contactless credit card payments. It can communicate with existing smartcards and readers and is compatible with existing contactless infrastructure for public transportation and payment systems. Use NFC for secure purchasing, ticket reservations, as a transit pass, or even for electronic door entry. You can even scan smart tags on posters or billboards to download the details to your phone. That’s Samsung smart!


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