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"“I can,” Roarke corrected, so coolly her color ebbed. “I will. You’re going to leave New York, and..."

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"I can," Roarke corrected, so coolly her color ebbed. "I will. You're
going to leave New York, and in fact, the country, within three

"You can't control the whole damn country," she shot back.

"Actually, I'd give that a good try, if only to watch you sweat. But, I don't need to. If you're not gone, well gone, within those three hours
beginning..." He checked his wrist unit. ", Interpol and
Global will receive some very interesting and very detailed
information on you. Magdalena"

This time, she went dead white. "You'd betray me that way?"

"Again, listen carefully. I'd crush you like a bug for causing my wife one single moment of pain. Believe it. Fear it."

"If you tried anything like that, I'd take you down with me."

This time he smiled. "You could try. I'm so much more than you, you'd
never pull it off. And Maggie, you'd find the accommodations in
prison very limiting, and not at all to your taste."

He saw her lips tremble before she managed to firm them. He saw her
absorb the shock of the truth. The she shrugged, carelessly. "I
don't need you. I never did." She strolled away, circling the
room. "I only thought we might have some fun together, but
obviously you don't know how to play anymore."

"The clock's ticking," he warned her.

She whirled around. "I prefer Europe any way. New York bores me. You bore me."

She saw the flash of headlights strike the window glass, and changed tack instantly. "Oh, what the hell." She let out a robust laugh. "You
found me out, shut me down. No point in whining about it. Time to cut
my losses and move on. Plenty of fish to fry."

She looked at him, smiled. "I'll never understand how you could
possibly want her and not me."

"No, you'll never understand it."

She stepped forward as if to pick up the fur she'd tossed over a chair.
Smoothly, she turned to hand it to him. And with perfect timing,
flung herself into his arms.

The sable fell as he took her shoulders to shove her back.

Eve stepped to the doorway to see Magdelana with her arms locked around Roarke's neck, his hands on her bare shoulders―one of the Ivory straps sliding to her elbow.

"Son of a bitch," she said.

On cue, Magdelana spun around, her face full of passion and shock. "Oh, God.'s not what it looks like."

"Bet." Eve strode in.

Actually, Roarke thought, it was more of a swagger. He had a moment to admire it, before Eve rammed her fist in his face.

"Fuck me." His head snapped back, and he tasted blood.

Magdelana cried out, but even the deaf would have caught the suppressed laughter in the sound. "Roarke! Oh, my God, you're
bleeding . Please, let me just―"

"Don't look now," Eve said cheerfully. "But he's not the only one."
She decked Magdelana with a straight-armed jab. "Bitch," Eve
added as Magdelana's eyes rolled back and she fell, unconscious, to
the floor.

Roarke looked down. "Well, now, fuck us all."

"You're going to want to get that mess out of my house." With this, Eve
strode out again.

She passed Summerset in the foyer. She assumed the expression on his face was a grin, but couldn't be absolutely sure. "You're going to
want to be careful―spreading your mouth like that could split your
whole face in half."

"I thought applauding would be a bit inappropriate."

She snorted, and kept right on going upstairs.

Face throbbing, sensibilities insulted, Roarke stepped over Magdelana. In the foyer, he sent Summerset an icy look. "Take care of that."

"With absolute pleasure." Still, Summerset stood another moment, watching Roarke head upstairs after his wife.

He caught up with her in the bedroom. "Damn it all to hell and back
again, you know very well that was a setup. You bloody well know I
couldn't put my hands on her."

"Yeah, yeah, sure, sure." Eve shrugged off her coat, tossed it aside. "I
know a setup when I see it, and I know your face, ace. I didn't see
desire on it, I saw annoyance."

"Is that so? Is that bloody well so? Well, if you knew it was just what
it was, why did you sucker punch me?"

"Mostly?" She turned, cocked a hip. "Because you're a man."

Innocent in death, J. D. Robb

Aggiornamento della mia rilettura dell'intera serie In death di J. D. Robb: sono arrivata al libro 24, quello in cui Roarke fa lo scemo con un altra! CHE RABBIA son qui che mi mangio le unghie dal nervoso....ok forse mi immedesimo troppo, lo so....

Non voglio spoilerare troppo, ma in questo libro una vecchia fiamma di Roarke si rifà viva ed è molto furba, lui crede di capire il suo gioco e che dopo che lui l'ha rifiutata una volta, si sia rassseganta invece quella.......poco di buono, furbescamente (era una ladra e una truffatrice all'epoca in cui anche lui lo era) gioca col suo ego, lo lusinga, gioca la carta dell'amica, mette zizzania tra lui e Eve.....e lui quasi ci casca...sto scemo! Per fortuna Summerset gli dà una svegliata altrimenti.....Eve che non ha un solo grammo subdolo in sè non riusciva a contrastare il gioco dell'altra perchè la sua gelosia veniva vista da Roarke come poca fiducia e più lei era gelosa più lui si arrabbiava! stO CRETINO.....OK forse è meglio che mi calmi....per fortuna non succede nulla di irreperabile grazie A Summerset.... e poi Roarke come è giusto chede umilmente e a lungo perdono a Eve.....e manda al diavolo la doppiogiochista subdola e qui chiudo.

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