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I guerrieri dimenticati by olivier sarbil

Da Catone
clip_image001Karen soldiers take a pause during a patrol. The villagers offered them a bottle of Coca-Cola. © Olivier Sarbilclip_image003The Forgotten Warriors © Olivier SarbilThe karen battle against Burma's military junta is one of the longest struggles for freedom in Asia. Over 150,000 burmese refugees, mostly Karen, have fled to Thailand over the years to escape Burma's omnipresent and brutal repression. For the past sixty years, the Karen are living with war, vow to continue resistance and to never surrender.
clip_image005The Forgotten Warriors © Olivier Sarbilclip_image007The Forgotten Warriors © Olivier Sarbilclip_image009The Forgotten Warriors © Olivier Sarbil
clip_image001[4]©  Olivier Sarbil

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