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Italia – España connection

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Italia - España connection

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This post is just an homage to my new Spanish friends.
The story is pretty simple.

I've found myself in Brussels because of my job, as it often happens. This time it was for one day only, so I got to Brussels the evening before the meeting, and I was around, alone.
I then went for a beer (at the wonderful Delirium Café ) were I stumbled upon 3 Spanish people.
You know, it was quite simple to get in touch with them. We - the Italians - and the Spanish don't have any particular probelm in gettin in touch with others and talk (on the contrary, often the problem is to make us stop talking... but that0s another story...).
So, to make the long story short, the three Spanish were part of a bigger group, coming mainly from Madrid and Extremadura ( Merida). A group of friends who - once each year - take some days off in the Carnival period and go to one European city. Wonderful! Simply wonderful. I could practice my Spanish (who is not dead actually, even though the real mistery remains: where the heck I learnt Spanish? I dunno... but it doesn't matter...). In the end we had a dinner together, and they were so nice that they even offered the dinner.

Italia – España  connection

My friends, you definitiely deserve a special hospitality in Rome. Please come soon!

PS: Special greetings to Manolo and Manola!!

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