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Nail Art || Time spent with cats is never wasted

Creato il 11 aprile 2013 da Elenaeris

I want to finish this week showing you the new nail art I have realized.
This monday I have an exam, so I won't publish anything before this day.
I had been inspired by cats...and I love the result, it is so cute!
Nail Art || Time spent with cats is never wasted

If you like this nail art (and if you like animals too) stay tuned and watch the tutorial over here!
It is easy to realize even if it doesn't seem so, and you don't need some particular tools. Use a bobby pin as a dotting tool to do the details.
Let's go!
Nail Art || Time spent with cats is never wasted
1. Start using a base coat and a light nail polish, for example the base you can use for the french manicure.
2. Let's draw the cats' faces. At first do a line in the tip of your nails, and then draw their ears (just draw two little tringles)
3. Start to add the details. With the dotter draw the nose and the ears, as in the photo, with a light pink nail polish.
4. Now it is the time for the eyes. Start using a white nail polish.
5. With a black nail polish draw the pupil, the mouth and the whiskers.
6. Now it is the time for dotting! I have used a light pink nail polish and a silver glittered one, but you can use any other colors.
To finish, use a shiny top coat...<3 br="">
Let me know if you liked it just leaving a comment below!
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See you soon!

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