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Sponsored: Meet TulaCo []

Enterprise CMS solution, White Label Implementation/Customization, Service Based Architecture, Mobile

Studio System is a provider of entertainment data and research to the professional entertainment industry (like LinkedIn for TV and Film professionals). It owns and manages several actively used subscription-based entertainment data websites that cater to the needs of entertainment executives, producers, agents, managers, and talent.

  • TulaCo deployed 3 dedicated offshore teams to work simultaneously on the re-platforming of the core TSS product, mobile applications and content news sites.
  • TulaCo's Team Leads, Architects and Project Manager collaborated closely with Baseline's team and successfully integrated within Baseline's existing agile process, including daily stand-up meetings, sprint planning, backlog grooming and sprint retrospectives.
  • TSS product re-platformed from legacy ColdFusion + MSSQL stack to latest technologies - MSSQL + ASP.NET MVC, C#, Web API Services
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