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The PSM: Looping with the Apogee GiO

Creato il 21 novembre 2010 da Gugolmen

A Film by Paul Stanley-McKenzie and Rohan Blair-Mangat
About The PSM:
Pauli "The PSM" Stanley-McKenzie is internationally known as the backbeat behind Gorillaz Sound System, a remixed version of the cartoon band, Gorillaz, performed to visual effects. The london based group has headlined major music festivals around the world spreading danceable arrangements to thousands.
About this video:
In this video GiO was used as an interface and controller, plugging into a MacBook Pro via USB also providing bus power. The small guitar amp is plugged into the output of GiO and an XLR to 1/4″ cable is connecting a Sennheiser e835 microphone to GiO's input. Prior to shooting, Pauli created his own concert file, mapped to the GiO and created custom patches in MainStage which were recorded via the Loopback plugin.
GiO's stomp buttons were used to enable individual effects and the next button was used to toggle through the patches along with the transport control buttons, record, play and reverse -- which is demonstrated at the end of the film.
In post-production, Pauli saved the loops and exported as files which were then imported to Logic 9. This allowed Pauli to move each loop around to fit to the audio drum bed taken from the mic on the camera, as well as mixing and processing the audio before bouncing and exporting to Final Cut Pro for video editing.
Equipment used:
Apogee GIO
MacBook Pro
MainStage 2
Logic Pro 9
Sennheiser e835
Mini Power Generator


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