• Belt it up!


    Hi! I'm back home after a few days out of town, for work. Hopefully this week will be slower. This is what I'm wearing today. It's really really hot in these... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 11 luglio 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Pom-pom


    Today I don't have that much to do, I'll be pretty much seating all day so I decided to wear my beloved pom-pom Etro Sandals, that you already saw here. Surpris... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 06 luglio 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Stripes and gold

    Stripes gold

    Today I woke up very early and since it was still chilly outside I decided to wear a 3/4 sleeve top. Bad decision, really bad decision. Now it's like 28°C... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 05 luglio 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • A different post

    different post

    Today's post won't be about me. I want to share with you a great experience, a whirl of emotions, and of course some unique fashion! Saturday I went to see my... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 04 luglio 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Rock 'n roll

    Rock roll

    Good morning! It's finally Friday, my favourite day of the week! The weekend is almost here, I can't wait for tomorrow, I'll be going to a concert (if the... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 01 luglio 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Statement necklace

    Statement necklace

    Sorry for the late post! I've had a crazy morning... Today I'm wearing one of my favourite necklaces, I'm such an accessories junkie! A statement necklace make... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 30 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Chanel


    Today's red and white turn again. I wore my Chanel LA tote and my Chanel white enamel logo belt, which I turned into a necklace. Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 29 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Red stripes and Zara

    stripes Zara

    Today I'm wearing stripes again. I was thinking about doing a "stripes week" but since yesterday I wore black I'll have to push back this idea. This tee is by... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 28 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Stripes


    Very short post because I've a super busy day. Today I'm wearing stripes, definitely one of my favourite recent outfits. With some red and some nice... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 22 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Missoni


    What to say... Missoni has the extraordinary ability to mix colours and patterns better than everyone else.Even if I'm not very into colours for clothing,... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 21 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • I hate Mondays!

    hate Mondays!

    Good morning everyone!Hope you had a relaxing weekend as I did. I took a few days off from the blog, went to the beach, had dinner with friends, watched tv and... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 20 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Purple


    Good morning everyone!I'm back in the office today! It's super hot outside but fortunately there's the a/c that keeps my room cool. Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 16 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Cargo pants

    Cargo pants

    have been growing on me since last year. I wanted a pair so badly but for months I haven't been able to find nice ones for an affordable price. When I finally... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 14 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Sun-day!


    Yesterday the sun finally came out to say hi (for just a few hours though because today it's raining again).I really needed some bones dehumidification! Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 13 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • These boots are made for walking... In the rain!

    These boots made walking... rain!

    Here we go with another rainy day. Today I was supposed to go to the beach but the weather didn't change so I enjoyed taking some pictures under the rain. Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 11 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Jeans!


    After months of hesitation, I finally decided to buy a jeans shirt. You know when you really like something on the others but don't really know if you can rock... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 10 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Grey sky, grey mood, grey pull.

    Grey sky, grey mood, pull.

    Good morning everyone!Looks like I chose the worst week ever to start my blog. It's been raining since Monday and taking pictures has never been so hard! The... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 09 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Rainy Tuesday

    Rainy Tuesday

    The weather yesterday was really horrible, clouds rain and wind didn't really want to go away. I thought it was the perfect day for a plaid shirt and my Burberr... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 08 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Monday at work

    Monday work

    Hello everyone,yesterday I stole Rachel Zoe's face for a very simple and casual outfit. When I spend all the day in the office I want to feel comfortable but... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 07 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE
  • Sunny Sunday!

    Sunny Sunday!

    Hi there!I finally figured out how to use the blog. So here we go, let’s get started.This blog was officially born on May 15 2011, at the table of a delightful... Leggere il seguito

    Pubblicato il 06 giugno 2011 LIFESTYLE