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A Istanbul. Nazmi Ziya Güran (Il pittore della luce)

Creato il 11 febbraio 2012 da Istanbulavrupa

A Istanbul. Nazmi Ziya Güran (Il pittore della luce)Rezan Has Museum is happy to present the “Painter of the Light: Nazmi Ziya Güran” exhibition which will show a special selection of the artist’s works from different private collections to the art lovers. The works by Nazmi Ziya Güran whose 75th anniversary of death is being celebrated this year can be seen between February 18, and April 17, 2012 at the Rezan Has Museum.

As one of the painters of ”1914 Generation”, Nazmi Ziya Güran was a part, observer, witness and painter of Istanbul, all the time during its occupation or during the following years of the new Turkish Republic was the most intensive at his parental home in Horhor district in Aksaray, in Çamlıca, Süleymaniye or in his large windowed studio, in Bosphorus, Golden Horn, Üsküdar, on seaside, city hills, the streets and countryside.

While sliding his brush through gardens and parks, trees, orchards, countrysides, streets and quarters, villas and mansions, seasides and docks of this beautiful city; he described Istanbul’s sea, boats, mosques and churches, mausoleums, coffee-houses, fountains and the passing lives of people in Istanbul in this natural and urban environment.

One of the first impressionist painters of Turkey, Nazmi Ziya Güran was influenced in his works which are shining with light and joy by the thousand gleams of sun, and reflected them on canvas with the same reality. The peace and happiness that we feel at the artist’s brushstrokes which he throws as he would flirt with light tell us the adventure of Nazmi Ziya Güran after light.

“Painter of the Light: Nazmi Ziya Güran” exhibition with 65 works specially selected from private collections and the collection of Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum by Nazmi Ziya Güran who was the most important Turkish representative of 19th century French painting movement Impressionism is welcoming the art lovers until April 17th at the Rezan Has Museum.

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