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Analytic philosophy and themes related to planned, natural, and artifcial languages

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CALL FOR PAPERS | InKoj. Interlingvistikaj Kajeroj

June – July 2011: Analytic philosophy and themes related to planned, natural, and artifcial languages

Advisory Editors: Brocca Ettore – Caffo Leonardo – Valore Paolo

Deadline for submission: May 2011

We invite scholars to submit papers focusing on the following topics:

1. Epistemological and ontological assumptions of artifcial and planned languages;

2. Formal logic considered as an artifcial language;

3. Cognitive linguistic and psychology of language;

4. The semantics of natural and artifcial languages;

5. The ethics of language.

Please send a pdf or a document in word format suitable for blind review to: [email protected]

Instructions for Authors:

Max. length:

- papers: 20 pp. (50.000 types, blankets, notes, and references included). Papers must

include an abstract (between 600 and 700 types) and a reference list.

- commentaries: 7 pp.

- book reviews: 4 pp.

Languages: English, Italian.

Download the Inkoj stylesheet (LaTex):

InKoj. Interlingvistikaj Kajeroj. An Academic Journal of the University of Milan (Department of Philosophy) and CELE: Centre d'études linguistiques pour l'Europe. The peer-reviewed journal InKoj (Interlingvistikaj Kajeroj) aims at flling the need for a

place of academic discussion and study of themes related to planned and artifcial languages, including both logical-linguistical analyses of morpho-syntactical structures and lexicon generation, as well as from a thought-historical perspective, focusing on their underlying epistemological and ontological assumptions. It is a genuinely philosophical domain, as its analysis involves categorial taxonomies, formal logic, mystical or religious inspirations, political and artistic utopian projects. On the other hand, the feld's inherent inter-disciplinarity determines a structure as open as possible to contributions by researchers in other disciplines, from psychology to information sciences, from mathematics to linguistics. The journal will also qualify as a privileged setting to discuss projects related to the protection of linguistic parity through the implementation of

interlanguages, in plurilinguistic contexts such as the European Union.

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