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{ Chanel | Public Garden - Directed by Karl Lagerfeld }

Creato il 04 febbraio 2013 da Theparisienne @ARABELLAALBANI
   “ It’s more about the mood of the times ”  { Chanel | Public Garden - Directed by Karl Lagerfeld } ... says Karl Lagerfeld of his S/S 2013 collection for Chanel.  Appropriately, this phrase also serves as a quirky description for  “Public Garden,” his new silent black & white film short featuring pieces from the ready-to-wear collection.  With a healthy dose of glamour, playfulness and a touch of mute envy, Lagerfeld’s models sit in a Parisian garden having semi-private interactions in an ultra-luxurious public space. What a perfect way to convey Chanel’s classic mixture of exclusivity, visibility, and modern luxury. Lively, complex, and classic!  
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