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daily routines

Da Alba Forni @albaforni1
daily routines

A mom's day

During the week I usually get up at half past seven, I wash my face and then I have breakfast.
I get to school at a quarter to eight. The bell rings at 8 o'clock and I go into my classroom.
When my classes finish, at half past one, I go home and have lunch with my family.
In the afternoon I watch TV for about an hour, then I do my homework.
Sometimes I surf on internet or chat with my friends on facebook or msn.
I have dinner at eight o'clock in the evening.
Next I watch TV with my parents and finally I go to sleep.
The weekends are quite different, infact I usually sleep until 9:30am and then I go out with my friends.
In winter we usually go to the cinema and then to a restaurant or to a pub.
In spring we go to play beach volley and in the evening we go out for a walk.

Present Simple - Daily routines

Wake Up! Daily Routines Song for Kids

By aurora

daily routines

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