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Death Mantra For Lazarus (free download)

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Death Mantra For Lazarus (free download)


Death Mantra for Lazarus was formed in 2008 as an exclusively instrumental side project of three bands, Zippo, Keep Out and Negative Trip. All three had already been active in the Pescara (Italy) music scene for some years.
In the beginning there were only a few sporadic concerts and the band mostly remained a jamming band. It was not until 2009, that the band started to develop an independent identity and created its own original repertory. Very soon, thanks to a series of successful concerts, the band gathered a very solid and extraordinary following. In 2010 the band released “MU” on the go, their debut album, recorded and co-produced by Fabio di Zio for his label Grammofono Alla Nitro. In the album, the atmospheres are dark and dilated and they describe musical landscapes that go from the Far East to classical music, passing through psychedelia and post-rock. Some important collaborations also took place in the album: Federica Vignoni (classical violinist of international level with the heart of a truly gifted and wild rocker) and Umberto Palazzo, leader and singer of the band Santo Niente, contributed to the band’s work by writing and carrying out the epic and morbid “Maria Callas”, the only track with vocals and words. Death Mantra for Lazarus let their light shine through, playing in live concerts, they always provided an intense and eternal source of contrasting emotions. DMFL are constituted by Zippo’s rhythm section, Tonino Bosco (bass) and Federico Sergente (drums) and the guitarists couple Alessandro Di Fabrizio (Keep Out) and Lorenzo Conti (Negative Trip).



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