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How to set Burg/Grub2 resolution and fix Plymouth with Super-Boot-Manager

Creato il 05 giugno 2011 da Ingalex @ingalex81

On the web there are many tutorials and bash script to fix and display correctly Plymouth with Burg or Grub for who use proprietary driver. The problem is that these tutorials and these scripts take advantage of the command “hwinfo - framebuffer” to obtain the list of   supported resolutions by your video card, which does not always coincide with the resolutions supported by burg and grub. Precisely for this reason, the script in question fail causing at best only a hideous display screen of Plymouth, but at worst can even make the operating system unbootable. Obviously when we are talking about Linux, generally there is always a remedy. In this tutorial I will explain briefly how to properly configure the resolution of Burg and how to fix the display of Plymouth.


First start the Super-boot-manager and then start the Plymouth manager. On the first tab click on the “vesa codes” button and you’ll see a table with various resolutions and their corresponding  vesa codes. Write down the vesa code corrisponding to resolution that you want to set for Plymouth.


Now close the Plymouth manager and open the Burg-Manager. To set the resolution of Burg go to the tab “Parameters” -> “Parameters 1″, choose the resolution to set from the dropdown menu and click on “Change Resolution” and then “Apply Changes”. Keep in mind that the resolutions proposed by the burg-managers are those obtained by the command “xrandr” providing the resolutions supported by your video card. Instead, those supported by burg are a subset of the resolutions obtained with the xrandr command. If you want to see a list of resolutions supported by Burg you have to reboot, go to Burg, click “c” to access to the terminal and then type “vbeinfo” and press enter. So you can write down the resolution that you want to set for Burg and then set up it through the burg-manager.


To fix Plymouth displaying go to the tab “Parameters” -> “Parameters 4″ and into GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX form write the vesa code that you have noted from the table of vesa codes from Plymouth-manager. For example for 1280×1024 resolution you have to set it as follows:

vga = 0x0319

Then click on “Change”.


Then open tab “Parameters” -> “Parameters 3″ e go to parameter GRUB_LINUX16 so click “Enable” and then “Apply Changes”. Exit from Super-boot-manager and reboot to make sure everything is working properly. If you have set a vesa code that is not supported Plymouth will not appear and instead will be displayied a list of vesa codes relative to supported resolution. Then write down the vesa code relative to supported resolution and repeat step 3 substituting the new vesa code chosen.
Below there is a video tutorial that follow the same steps that I mentioned. The procedure is identical for those who use GRUB instead of Burg. The only difference is that you use GRUB-MANAGER instead of BURG-MANAGER, but various sets of parameters are the same.

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