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How To Unblock Yourself From Someone WhatsApp Account Here’s How

Creato il 16 marzo 2016 da Dher
How To Unblock Yourself From Someone WhatsApp Account Here’s How

Are you blocked on whatsapp by your friend. I know that is the worst part in the WhatsApp. Dont worry In this post we can tell you the steps to you unblock yourself from someone whatsapp account.

But first you should know you are blocked or not. So take a look to check that you are blocked by someone or not.

Firstly check if your friend's Profile picture, last seen or whatsapp status is visible or not. And if not then you are blocked.

Secondly send a message to that account and if it shows only one tick sign. That the message has been send but not delivered, then you may be blocked

So here is the steps to unblock yourself from someone whatsapp account

1. First Open WhatsApp

2. Now go to the Settings

3. hit on account and then click on delete my account. Dont worry you can run it again

4. Now enter your phone number and delete your account

5. Now uninstall WhatsApp Messenger

6. When the application is uninstalled properly, restart your phone

7. Now go to Play Store and install WhatsApp again

8. Enter the asked details to start again your whatsapp

9. Now you have successfully unblock your whatsapp account from your friend's account.

Note: WhatsAapp is updated daily.
the trick is working on older version of the app. But i dont know if it is working on new whatsapp version.

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