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Inspirational photos before going to Milan

Creato il 09 aprile 2011 da Adriens
You know, when you live in a small town and your only desire is to live in a big one, as soon as you get in Milan or any big city it seems like heaven, you'd like to get lost and never come back, it's such a dream. I'm very very happy because tomorrow i'll finally go to Milan, after a long time. I'm sure i'll take a lot of photos, so stay tuned to see them ;D
Today i decided to share with you some interesting and inspirational photos I found while i was surfing the net. Take a look!
Studs and denim, like an orgasm to meInspirational photos before going to Milan
A wasted Rosie TupperInspirational photos before going to Milan
Rumi Neely, my fave fashion blogger, in front of Milan's Dome.Inspirational photos before going to Milan
The dutch Daphne Groeneveld, one of the models i love the most.Inspirational photos before going to Milan
ACNE f/w '11/'12. I know that this has nothing to do with the other photos, but i find it very inspirational ;DInspirational photos before going to Milan

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