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Kiter? A Paros rifocillati da Mario!

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Kiter? A Paros rifocillati da Mario!

Aperto tutti i giorni (almeno in estate)

84401 Naoussa - Paros, Cicladi (Grecia)

Before posting the restaurants of our house, let's have a leap in Greece and more specifically to the Cyclades ! Today the restaurant I want to speak about is " Mario " in Paros. It is located right in the small square of the port Naoussa, an evocative atmosphere of sea, boats, music and white and blue houses . The menu is split between Greek dishes and mostly Italian dishes , a bit like in all the island since tourism is mainly Italian but, in this case , I believe that the origins of its owners are Italian (I say "I think" because I do not know for sure. .. I guess ... but my idea would rather be founded!) :) I confess we were tired of the usual Greek food ( good but it varies little) and above all good was the restaurant ... in fact we 've been there twice ( I mean , Mister X and some kiter friends) . We have been particularly impressed by the tuna carpaccio, flavoured with citrus fruit, fried cheese rolls , octopus, risotto, linguine with seafood and desserts ( even a night offered by the house ) .... good. Of course it's hard to sit at a table ! Mario is quite well known , in the centre, for that, always full ! But if you are armed with good will , waiting a bit you can dine . I have read some negative comments on the internet about this restaurant ... I have to say that I found all good. Of course, if you want to spend for dinner 20 € per head , a bit like many places on the island .... Mario is not the right place! The costs are higher than average , but I must say the quality is worthy of the house . If you pass , I leave you the final evaluations , let me know ! :)

Open everyday (in summer period I do not know in winter....)

84401 Naoussa - Paros, Cyclades (Greece)

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