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Morgan "Organized"

Creato il 15 settembre 2011 da Martelloide
Non c'è solo il nostro Morgan italiano nel mondo della musica, no!
Fuori dal tempo e dalle mode, si torna a un suono caldo, solare, vivo e pulsante.
L'estate sta finendo, come cantavano i nostri Righeira, ma se volete viverla ancora un pò, beh, c'è questo bel dischetto.
Organo Hammond a profusione, su schemi se vogliamo classici e senza impegno. Tutto fila perfetto, proprio come una bella estate dovrebbe fare!! (2000 Source)
The first we heard of Morgan was the unruly two-finger salute of 'Miss Parker' - last year's debut that introduced us to Morgan's 15-year-old brother William, and his disrespec' for traditional classroom protocol.
Hiding with a Dictaphone in the back of Miss Parker's geography lesson, he's giving himself a lyrical education. "Miss Parker with ya all day every day... you'd better respect the music comin' atcha, 'cos we're gonna get done any minute...".
That was the troublesome urchin; now, meet the rest of the clan. 'Organized' finds three generations gathered around Morgan's treasured Hammond organ that used to belong to Pete Townshend, accompanied The Who on countless tours, and now forms the fizzling centrepiece of 'Organized'. There's Morgan's dad, one Billy Nicholls, a name back in the '60s that sang with the Small Faces on 'Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake'; Morgan's mum, Annie, who went to art school with Pete Townshend's wife, and secured the purchase of said organ; sister Amy, and cousin Rose, who provide vocals; and, of course, the ever-obnoxious William, giving Daphne & Celeste a run for their money. 'Organized' is, as we speak, playing havoc with some hapless academic's Rock Family Tree.
Ahem... Far from essential, 'Organized' kicks its heels along the sun-baked road that links the playground to the retirement home, the scattershot spiritual cousin to The All Seeing I's 'Pickled Eggs And Sherbert', an oft-funny curio, with a couple of cracking singles. And what of Morgan's organ? It's being returned to The Who for their summer tour. One for the family album? This is the family album, mate. Check it out now, the funk-soul brother, father, sister, cousin, mother... (
- Flying High
- Something He Said
- Sitting In The Sun
- When I Close My Eyes
- Paparazzi
- Soul Searching (Part One)
- Soul Searching (Part Two)
- Here Comes The Rain
- Organized
- Miss Parker
- Tom Jones
- Unbreak My Heart
- Heaven Comes Quickly

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