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Pic turin festival - let's start

Creato il 14 giugno 2012 da Darioujetto
Over 30 artists from France, Holland, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy will be coloring city landmarks – Parco Dora, Amedeo di Savoia Hospital, Hiroshima Mon Amour, schools and façades – and turning Torino into a big outdoor museum.
June 15 will be the starting date for the third edition of PICTURIN – Torino Mural Art Festival, one of the main European street art and graffiti writing events which features several notorious international and emerging local artists in action.
Amongst the leading roles of this edition: Zoer & Velvet (CSX crew – France), Erase & Arsek (Bulgaria), Graphic Surgery (Holland), Bue The Warrior and Chase (Belgium), Escif (Spain) and, amongst the Italians, 2051, Galo, Thoms, Verbo, CT, Pixel Pancho, Zork, Spek, Truly Design, ADC, KNZ, SMK e TOTS  crew.
The third chapter starts from Parco Dora – the heart of the large scale Spina3 area transformation – extending further the bond between PicTurin and Torino, contributing to a Glocal renewal of the city. The park – built on a vast area once occupied by big factories and representing one of the city’s biggest “green lungs” – is unique in its genre, thanks to the integration between natural habitats and the remnants of an industrial past. In fact, some parts of the old warehouses and factories have been excluded from the large scale demolition which has taken place in the past years.  An example of preexisting structures are the large roof of the ex Vitali steelworks supported by its red steel pillars, the towers and the large basins turned into aquatic gardens.

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