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Rainbow (mini)cake.

Creato il 15 marzo 2013 da Caroljne

Rainbow (mini)cake.
Oh, rainbow cake!
I have always wondered what it tastes like, although I doubt I will ever dare making one, it just looks too pretty to be eaten!!
Instead I have decided to try with a non-edible version. So you cannot go and blame me if you start craving cake!
This is not a cake, even though it looks like one.
It is entirely made out of polymer clay and very much NOT edible.
Plus, it's not much bigger than a pound coin.
But yes, it is quite cute.That's why I have decided to turn it into a pendant.
It could be a necklace, a phone charm or a key-ring. Which one do you suggest?
I have also cut off two slices, which are waiting to be turned into a pair of pretty stud earrings.
I will update you soon with the results.
Rainbow (mini)cake.

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