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Reclaim the Streets

Creato il 14 aprile 2010 da Darioujetto

Reclaim the Streets

Street Art - The Ephemeral RebellionAnne Bürger, Benjamin Cantu Detuschland 2009

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With Swoon, Princess Hijab, Brad Downey, Blek le Rat, Nomad, ZASD, Mischa Most, Igor P.
"Reclaim the Streets“ is one of the strongest motives of Street Art: th...e regaining of the street to mix up its uniformedly ordered face. Street Art – The Ephemeral Rebellion is a character driven documentary with a factual yet open focus to spontaneous events. The film‘s aim is to compose an eclectic image of the phenomenon of contemporary street art through the eyes of its creators and those who discover, collect and love it. Anne Bürger and Benjamin Cantu visited cities around the world to emphasize the global impact of this truly political art form.

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