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Creato il 16 giugno 2011 da Stefano_slyway

After look many recumbent bikes for one year (I had two another models of recumbent bikes and four other bikes, like road bike, mtb and triathlon bike, before my SLYWAY) and browse recumbent sites in internet, asked advices with people wich ride recumbents, then I decided to across the Atlantic Ocean and pick up my TEAM SLYWAY in Cremona.

I have pros to buy this bike:

1) Quite confortable, light and ergonomic (I have 5 cervical and lumbar slipped disk ). No pain after ride 200 km. You have to pay attention, because you can ride many and many miles without problems and forget yours appointments.

2) Speed increases rapidly

3) I had no problems to climb mountains.I have used a Ultegra  group,but you can use a mtb group,to improve your climbing.

4) I could discuss with Stefano, by e-mail and personally, my doubts about assembling parts.

5) Definitely, it is the most beautiful design I’ve ever seen.


Lajeado, Brasil

Regis & Slyway team

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