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The Heart of Kashmir

Creato il 17 aprile 2012 da Kashgt
The Heart of Kashmir


Millions of words have been written about the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan in which thousands of people have lost their lives. Now comes a book with a hundred or so pictures that tells a story of its own.’ Tony Allison, Asia Times
[...] Afhanistan is likely destined for coffee tables. Heart of Kashmir is grittier. Torsello’s book locates a political narrative [...]. He documents daily lives and their missing freedoms, and fleshes out the condemned normality of defiant humans shorn of most of their hope. Of the two, Afghanistan has the better photography, and Heart of Kashmir the more compelling conviction. Matt Larking, Kyoto Journal
Self published by Kash, The Heart of Kashmir is a beautifully printed book that spans seven years of his life photographing the divided nation of Kashmir. Compassionate and objective, Kash captures the small pleasures of daily life amidst the pains wrought by a 50-year-old conflict foreshadowed by a military presence that features large in the background of his lens. G M, ei8ht photojournalism
A sobering read and so many poignant and unforgettable images…
Sophie P. Koziell, Resurgence Magazine
It is a beautiful book, and one that really captures the frustration, beauty and unrealised potential of Kashmir.The more the world sees of it, the easier it will be for people to understand Kashmir’s plight. Randeep Ramesh, The Guardian
His lens captured every single human emotion spun out of fear, frustration and helplessness..’ Bangla Mirror
The book is an important contribution to the ongoing occupation of Kashmir…
Abdul Adil, The Muslim News
This extraordinary, rare collection of images focuses on the Indian side of the border – but it is the story of the people who live there that matters.
David Ransom, New Internationalist
The problem with Kashmir is that its heart is cut in two [...] Kash Gabriele Torsello’s achievement at documenting life and death on both sides of the disputed border is remarkable. His photographs are intense and sombre, their heavy black borders surrounding each frame with the certainty of the border that splits Kashmir itself. And yet his text betrays a naivety borne out of a persistent expression of disbelief to the dangers he face. Keith Wilson, Black & White Photography
It is a book of pain, hope and engagement. Victoria Schofield, Kashmir in Conflict

I hope it will show people how beautiful Kashmir is, and how important it is to end the terrible violence and work for the only thing that matters: peace with justice.
John Simpson BBC
Most moving and interesting. Steve Anderson ITV
This beautiful and moving book should be on the shelves of anybody who cares about the injustice of a divided and occupied Kashmir. Harold Stern, New World UNA

The photographs are of an exceptional quality and the book will make an important contribution to the collections of the UNOG Library by illustrating the situation in Kashmir. United Nation Office at Geneva
Kashmir remains a scar on the world’s conscience and this monumental work goes a long way to explaining why. Through a series of breathtaking images, Torsello, an Italian freelance journalist… Professor Aziz Sheikh, Muslim Council of Britain
This book, unlike any other, forces us to confront the scale of the tragedy through the brilliantly striking photographs. The intimacy of detail brings out the poignancy and beauty of Kashmir. This book, a labor of love, must be read by anyone interested in one of the world’s most beautiful and yet most dangerous places. Professor Akbar S. Ahmed Ibn Khaldun, Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington, D.C.
A work like “The Heart of Kashmir” can only be created by someone who has deeply absorbed the ambiance of the theme, in this case the agony of the Kashmiri people. Mr. Torsello has done exactly that, with his heart and soul. The tone of the photographs is most appropriate. [...]
Lt Gen (retd) Asad Durrani
‘The Heart of Kashmir is a wonderful work, depicting a region disrupted by violence with its people living under the shadow of constant humiliation and suffering. It provides a perceptive insight into Kashmiri daily life.
James Elles MEP, founder of the All Party Group on Kashmir in the European Parliament
..An excellent pictorial depiction of unfortunate realities of life in Indian Held Kashmir. General Pervez Musharraf
Official Book Launch at The House of Parliament, Westminster, London 2003
and at the Batiment Spinelli EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, 2005
Shortlisted for Best COLOUR Illustrated book in the British Book Design and Production Awards

The Heart of Kashmir - Hardback Published in UK by KASH GT the 3rd of December 2002
Photograph & Text: Kash Gabriele Torsello – Foreword: Foreign & Commonwealth Office – Preface: House of Lords – 192 pages – 111 B/W Photos – size 280x230mm – weight 1190gr
ISBN: 0954224507

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