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This Beautiful Mess "Falling On Deaf Ears"

Creato il 07 agosto 2010 da Martelloide
This Beautiful Mess
Decisamente di grande effetto emotivo la musica di questo gruppo, se non sbgali olandese. Sarebe troppo facile etichettarli come gruppo che si muove sulla scia dei Radiohead, in realtà c'è una cura quasi maniacale a creare 1 atmosfera, una situazione che cresce e si sviluppa intorno a noi, cullandoci, rassicurandoci, ma anche facendo del male a volte o spavendando. Post rock, elettronica, pop visionario, una voce incantevole quella del poetico Arjen Van Wijk. Un esordio importantissimo a mio avviso. E' notizia di pochi mesi che il gruppo si è sciolto. Purtroppo. (2001 Deep Elm)
The ambient, astral roar of this album is fueled by the intricately crafted, pleasantly unfamiliar sound of This Beautiful Mess. A rich blend of studio technology and solid pop sensibility, the band makes their debut with an intelligent collection of hard and soft layers, electronic noises and swooning melodies that are stirring, refreshingly unique and strangely beautiful. Call it creative rock for the ages, it's a presentation that relies on two musical approaches which together propel the surreal, cinematic quality Falling On Deaf Ears. Infinitely detailed in its production and dynamically varied with an abundance of textures, this record breathes genuine emotion and intense imagery. The aching voice of lead singer Arjen has an emotional directness that is undeniably sincere. Simply beautiful, breathtaking music. (
- Black Is The New Red
- Overexposed
- Cacophonic
- Fly Anna Fly
- Clean
- Soundtrack Of My Life
- Sola Gratia
- Kill
- 21st Advent Hymn
- Here I Stand
- Last Day's Embrace

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