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True Blood, Stagione 1: soundtrack

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Questa è la colonna sonora con le canzoni della stagione 1 di True blood divisa per episodio. Se cercate il CD con la colonna sonora ufficiale (le musiche composte per la serie) cliccate qui.

True Blood – Season 1

Main Theme Song
1. “Bad Things” performed by Jace Everett

“Strange Love” Episodio # 1×01
2. “Y’All Think She’d Be Good 2 Me” performed by C.C. Adcock(Scene: Intro scene where couple in truck see TruBlood sign.)
3. “Goodbye Good Lookin” performed by Robbie Fulks(Scene: Inside Merlotte’s, we meet Sookie.)
4. “Soulful Garage” performed by Southern Culture on the Skids (Scene: Sookie talks to Sam while leaning on the bar.)
5. “Until I Wake Up” performed by Dishwalla (Scene: Plays when Sookie sees Bill for the first time in pre-air screeners only, not in broadcast episode.)
6. “The Dreaming Dead” performed by Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter(Scene: Sookie turns around, as Vampire Bill sits down at a table.)
7. “Strange Love” performed by Slim Harpo (Scene: Sookie talks to Tara as she drinks her margarita.)
8. “Lake Charles” performed by Lucinda Williams (Scene: After fighting off the Ratray’s, Sookie and Bill get acquainted.)
9. “Still Beating” performed by Josh Ritter(Scene: Jason comes into Merlotte’s looking for Sookie, wants to go home with Dawn.)
10. “Dang Good Stuff” performed by Kim Lenz and Her Jaguars(Scene: Jason interrupts Sookie’s sun-bathing.)
11. “Bill’s Entrance” performed by Nathan Barr (Scene: Plays when Sookie is walking to Bill’s table during their 2nd meeting at Merlotte’s.)
12. “Stumble and Pain” performed by Joseph Arthur(Scene: Plays while Sookie & Bill are talking at table – “I’m afraid I’m not as warm as the men you must be accustomed to” – “What are you?”)
13. “Bones” performed by Little Big Town (Scene: End Credits)

“The First Taste” Episodio # 1×02
14. “Ricky Tin Ting” published by Extreme Production Music and written by Bhamra Kulwant Singh and Clark Angus Gunn (Scene: Lafayette listens to this on his car radio on his way to the party.)
15. “Say Wat it Do?” performed by Blood What True(Scene: Plays during backyard party attended by Tara and Lafayette.)
16. “Girls” performed by Eleni Mandell(Scene: Music from Sookie’s Ipod. Bill comes “calling” – Jason, Tara, Gran and Sookie get to know Bill a little better.)
17. “First Taste” performed by Fiona Apple(Scene: 2nd song when Bill calls on Sookie, has a sit-down with Gran, Sookie, Jason and Tara in the living room.)
18. “How the Day Sounds” performed by Greg Laswell(Scene: Jason and Tara are having a beer and getting friendly.)
19. “Bill & Sookie’s Love Theme” by Nathan Barr (Scene: The Kiss “Take your clip out.” – “I can smell the sunlight on your skin.”)
20. “Love Gotcha” performed by Coco Montoya (Scene: Jason is a little tied up at Dawn’s place. Tara tells people at the bar what’s on her mind.)
21. “Honky Tonk Queen” performed by Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys(Scene: Background music at Merlotte’s – Rene helps Sookie with some customers – “You remind me of my baby sister”.)
22. “Rose Thorn Bed” performed by Alligator Stew(Scene: Background music at Merlotte’s – Sam talks to Sookie in his office. Lafayette tells Sookie not to let anybody get her down. Tara asks Dawn if things are going to last with Jason.)
23. “Two Wheels” performed by Alligator Stew (Scene: Sookie’s senses become heightened after drinking some vampire blood.)
24. “Snake in the Grass” performed by Vallejo (Scene: Sookie goes to Bill’s house after work and meets other vampires. End Credits)

“Mine” Episodio # 1×03
“Snake in the Grass” performed by Vallejo (Scene: Sookie on Bill’s porch, surrounded by vampires.)
25. “Freefall” performed by Pitch Black(Scene: Bill protects Sookie from the other vampires.)
26. “Downtown” performed by Alex Chilton(Scene: Sam and Tara discuss Sookie & Bill while stocking Merlotte’s.)
27. “Far, Far Away” performed by Wilco(Scene: Sam and Tara sitting on his porch, talking about their personal life.)
28. “From a Whisper to a Scream” performed by Allen Toussaint (Scene: Tara makes a tempting offer to Sam.)
29. “Mine” performed by Bing Crosby and Judy Garland(Scene: Sookie sneaks up on Bill and they kiss passionately.)
30. “Red Eyes and Tears” performed by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Scene: Bill visit’s Malcolm’s vampire nest and asks them to stay away from he and Sookie.)
31. “Belly Disco” performed by Karminsky Experience (Scene: Tara leaves her drunken mother to stay with Lafayette.)
32. “Soccer Practice” performed by Jonny McGovern(Scene: Jason dances in front of Lafayette’s camera for V-Juice.)
33. “Good Times” performed by Charlie Robison (Scene: End Credits)

“Escape From Dragon House” Episodio #1×04
34. “Brand New Cadillac” performed by Wayne “The Train” Hancock(Scene: Playing in Merlotte’s Bar)
35. “Not This Time” performed by Johnny Neel(Scene: Plays while Sookie listens in on everyone’s thoughts at Merlotte’s.)
36. “Jack Me Up” performed by Solomon Kingand The Chosen (Scene: Sookie listens to Hoyt think about Dawn.)
37. “Hoi Mai, Kuu Ipo” performed by Kalani Kinimaku & His Kanakas (Scene: Bill tells Sookie she looks like vampire bait, on the way to Fangtasia.)
38. “Don’t Fear The Reaper” performed by Heaven 17 (Scene: Bill & Sookie entering Fangtasia.)
39. “Demons” performed by Darkest Hour (Scene: Sookie asks Long Shadow about Maudette and Dawn.)
40. “Escape from Dragon House” performed by Dengue Fever (Scene: Bill and Sookie in the car ride home from Fangtasia.)
41. “That Smell” performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd (Scene: End Credits)

“Sparks Fly Out” Episodio # 1×05
42. “Kargyraa” performed by Hunn-Huur-Tu(Scene: Opening Scene, Bill dropping Sookie off at home.)
43. “It’s Alright” performed by Phil Phillips & The Twilights (Scene: Sam asks Sookie out on a date.)
44. “It’s All Over But The Shoutin” performed by Southern Culture on the Skids (Scene: Randi Sue celebrates her divorce.)
45. “I Feel Alright” performed by Steve Earle (Scene: At Merlotte’s – Hoyt talks about TruBlood, Jason notices Tara.)
46. “Sparks Fly Out” performed by Paul Burch(Scene: Jason talks to Tara at the bar.)
47. “I Play Chicken with the Train” performed by Cowboy Troy featuring Big & Rich(Scene: “Who ordered the hamburger with AIDS?”)
48. “Wiggle Stick” performed by Reverend Horton Heat (Scene: Jason and Randi Sue are going at it as Tara takes out the trash.)
49. (Unknown score) – Nathan Barr? (Scene: End credits)

“Cold Ground” Episodio # 1×06
50. “You Shook Me All Night Long” performed by AC/DC (Scene: Jason’s Ringtone.)
51. “We’ll Meet Along the Way” performed by Hem (Scene: Tara consoles Sookie.)
52. “Softly and Tenderly” performed by Linda Harmon (Scene: Hymn sung during Gran’s funeral.)
53. “Lullaby” performed by Dixie Chicks (Scene: Bill at Sookie’s bedside, telling her he’s not going anywhere.)
54. “Take Me Home” performed by Lisbeth Scott & Nathan Barr (Scene: Sookie eats Gran’s Pecan pie.)
55. “Bill & Sookie Come Together” by Nathan Barr (Scene: Sookie waiting for sundown and running to Bill.)
56. “Half of You” performed by Cat Power (Scene: Bill and Sookie love scene.)
57. “Cold Ground” performed by Rusty Truck (Scene: End Credits)

“Burning House of Love” Episodio # 1×07
58. “Just like Heaven” performed by The Watson Twins (Scene: Sookie and Bill In the Tub.)
59. “Rolex” performed by Kiko (Trak Attack) Tchaka Diallo (Scene: Lafayette performing for the camera.)
60. “The Last Time” performed by The Swampires, written by Amy Aileen Wood and John Paul Wood, and published by Hazel’s Revenge Music (Scene: Sam and Tara discussing their relationship.)
61. “Frankie & Johnie” performed by Jeff Laine(Scene: The three hillbillies enter Merlotte’s as Sam and Lafayette look on.)
62. “Whiskey in My Whiskey” performed by The Felice Brothers(Scene: Lafayette heats a spoon for one of the hillbillies.)
63. “Fuk Tha Prince a Pull Iz Dum” performed by Japanther(Scene: Amy rescues Jason from Long Shadow’s wrath.)
64. “Leaving” performed by Country Fried(Scene: Malcolm and his vampire friends enter Merlotte’s.)
65. “Burning House of Love” performed by The Knitters(Scene: Sam tells the vampires to leave Merlotte’s.)
66. “Let It All Come Down” performed by G. DaPonte(Scene: Sam tells Sookie he doesn’t want vampires, including Bill, in Merlotte’s.)
67. “Sweet Jane” performed by Cowboy Junkies(Scene: Amy and Jason discuss Gaia and V-Juice.)
68. “Play With Fire” performed by Cobra Verde(Scene: End Credits)

“The Fourth Man in the Fire” Episodio # 1×08
69. “Comes & Goes (In Waves)” performed by Greg Laswell (Scene: Jason and Amy talk.)
70. “Give It Up” performed by Lee Dorsey(Scene: Sam and Tara make up.)
71. “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me” performed by Mildred Anderson(Scene: Sam and Tara, in bed at his trailer.)
72. “All In Good Time” performed by The Swampires, written by Amy Aileen Wood and John Paul Wood, and published by Hazel’s Revenge Music (Scene: Sam interrogates Sookie about her taking B-12.)
73. “Sancto Erico” performed by Nathan Barr & Lisbeth Scott (Scene: Eric in Bill’s bathtub.)
74. “Eternal Flame” performed by The Bangles(Scene: Vampire Eddie plays the song as Lafayette drains his blood in exchange for sex.)
75. “The Fourth Man in the Fire” performed by Johnny Cash(Scene: Jason and Amy watch Eddie’s house as Lafayette leaves.)
76. “I Want You So Hard (Bad Boy’s News)” performed by The Eagles of Death Metal(Scene: End Credits)

“Plaisir D’Amour” Episodio # 1×09
77. “Plaisir D’ Amour” performed by Joan Baez(Scene: Jason and Amy are hauling vamp Eddie back to Jason’s house.)
78. “A Fool In Love” performed by Ike & Tina Turner(Scene: Arlene, Amy and Sam talk about the upcoming wedding.)
79. “Kaki’s Song” performed by The Mother Truckers (Scene: Sookie rants at Bud about the murder investigations.)
80. “Lay Back Down” performed by Eric Lindell (Scene: Tara finds the envelope of cash that Sam left her.)
81. “Swampblood” performed by Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers(Scene: Bill asks Sam to protect Sookie while he’s gone.)
82. “Walking The Dog” performed by Rufus Thomas(Scene: Sookie wakes up to find a surprise laying on her bed/End Credits.)

“I Don’t Wanna Know” Episode # 1×10
83. “You Can’t Be a Beacon (If Your Light Don’t Shine)” performed by Donna Fargo(Scene: Amy is draining Eddie and discovers the empty TruBlood bottles.)
84. “Jesus Rhapsody, Pt. 1″ performed by Preacher and the Saints(Scene: Tara and Lettie Mae go out for crawfish.)
85. “Summer Memories” performed by John Mazzei (Scene: Tara discovers Miss Jeannette working at the drugstore.)
86. “Hallowed Ground” performed by I See Hawks in L.A. (Scene: Eddie warns Jason that Amy is a psychopath.)
87. “Maison Creole” performed by C.C. Adcock and The Lafayette Marquis (Scene: Performed live at Arlene and Rene’s engagement party.)
88. “Bleed 2 Feed” performed by C.C. Adcock and The Lafayette Marquis (Scene: Performed live at Arlene and Rene’s engagement party.)
89. “I’m Just A Fool To Care” performed by C.C. Adcock and The Lafayette Marquis (Scene: Performed live at Arlene and Rene’s engagement party.)
90. “I’m Ready” performed by C.C. Adcock and The Lafayette Marquis (Scene: Performed live at Arlene and Rene’s engagement party.)
91. “Let’s Talk It Over” performed by C.C. Adcock and The Lafayette Marquis (Scene: Performed live at Arlene and Rene’s engagement party.)
92. “I Don’t Wanna Know” performed by Dr. John(Scene: End Credits)

“To Love is to Bury” Episodio # 111
93. “Wichita Lineman” performed by Glen Campbell (Scene: Sam and Sookie go to Big Patty’s Pie House.)
94. “To Love is to Bury” performed by Cowboy Junkies(Scene: Jason and Amy make up.)
95. “Two” performed by Ryan Adams (Scene: Sam and Sookie discuss love while driving back from the restaurant.)
96. “West of Wichita” performed by G. DaPonte(Scene: Jason and Amy do V one last time.)
97. “Symphony No. 8 in G Major Op. 88: Adagio” performed by Adagio Philharmonic Slavonic(Scene: Maryann brings Tara to her house.)
98. “Pass You By” performed by Gillian Welch (Scene: End Credits)

“You’ll Be the Death of Me” Episodio # 112
99. “Prelude a L’Apres – Midi D’un Faun” written by Claude Debussy (Scene: Tara wakes up at the home of Maryann.)
100. “Fantasy Pieces – Why?” written by Robert Schumann (Scene: Tara breakfast at the home of Maryann.)
101. “Christine’s Tune (Devil in Disguise)” performed by Flying Burrito Bros. (Scene: Rene drives Jason’s truck)
102. “Trouble” performed by Ray LaMontagne(Scene: Sookie goes to fetch the ice tea as Rene prepares for the kill – Sam asks where Sookie is.)
103. “You’ll Be The Death Of Me” performed by Johnny Winter (Scene: Sam asks Tara about LaFayette.)
104. “Cut & Run” performed by Bell & Cooper (Scene: Andy, drinking and depressed at Merlotte’s.)
105. “Ain’t No Grave” performed by Crooked Still (Scene: End Credits)

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