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Vocabolario della cooperazione internazionale

Creato il 28 marzo 2012 da Cren

Vocabolario della cooperazione internazionaleIl mondo dell’assistenza internazionale vive, come altri microcosmi, di propri codici e frasi fatte. Queste le ritroviamo in tutti i progetti e reports per giustificare le spese. Questa è la traduzione dei termini secondo William Easterly, tratti da disincantati operatori.

beneficiaries” : the people who make it possible for us to be paid by other people

bottom-up” : don’t ask someone what might work, just make something up instead @thejoeturner

baseline : a point which is so low that positive results are the only possible outcome @ANLevine

accountability for results”: we keep all our promises by issuing new promises @bill_easterly

“bottoms-up development”: downing single-malt whiskey in one shot at Davos @Arvind11d123

civil society involvement”: consulting the middle class employee of a US or European NGO @dangay

community capacity building” : teach them what they already know @fauvevivre

demand-driven approach”: you create the demand and then you respond to it

empowerment” : what is left when all the quantifiable variables give no significant results @MarianaSarastiM

entrepreneurial” : vaguely innovative and cool, but definitely nothing to do with the hated “market” @jselanikio

experienced aid practitioner” : has large number of air miles in account @thejoeturner

expert” : I read a book about the place on the plane @savo_heleta

field experience” : I can’t bear DC anymore @MarianaSarastiM

gender” : counting how many women attend your meeting @liamswiss

Global North” : White academics; “Global South” : Indian academics @Isla_Misty

innovation” : we’re sexy, you want to be associated with us @DarajaTz

leverage” : we’re not paying for all of this @katelmax

low overhead” : volunteers run headquarters @thejoeturner

low-hanging fruit”: we were already going to achieve this anyway @Global_ErinH

mainstreaming” : forgetting @swampcottage

microfinance” : not as good as sub-prime lending @lippytak

meetings: our grant said we had to host an event @Global_ErinH

per diem”: what we have to pay local officials to attend our meetings @Afrophile

participatory stakeholders : people who should solve their own problems @UCGHR

participation” : the right to agree with preconceived projects or programs @edwardrcarr

partnering with other institutions” : we’re raising barriers to entry @JustinWolfers

political will” : I have no comprehension of the incentives faced by the people who I wish would do stuff I want @m_clem

practical solutions : photogenic solutions @thejoeturner

pro-poor : the rich know best @james_tooley

RCT : research method yielding same results as qualitative work at 10 times the cost –@texasinafrica

rent-seaking behavior” : everything not nailed to the floor will be stolen- @charcoalproject

outreach” : intrude @langtry_girl

ownership” : we held a workshop @dangay

raise awareness : no measurable outcome @jonathan_welle

scale-up” : It’s time for follow on grant @HunterHustus

sensitize” : tell people what to do @zw1tscher

sustainable” : will last at least as long as the funding @thejoeturner

tackling root causes of poverty : repackaging what we’ve already done in a slightly more sexy font @thejoeturner

UN Goals”: making up targets for problems we don’t understand paid for with money we don’t have @jacobhorner

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