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Absolut Vodka by ....Gareth Pugh !? Uh !?

Creato il 26 agosto 2011 da Shampalove
Absolut Vodka by ....Gareth Pugh !? Uh !?
Absolut Vodka by ....Gareth Pugh !? Uh !?Gareth Pugh has done this gothicly glamorous makeover for his limited edition ABSOLUT vodka bottle.
"I began by thinking of an 'ABSOLUT Gareth Pugh' and I decided to choose an outfit from my archive, something that I feel captures the essence of my work which I could use to 'dress' the ABSOLUT Mode Edition bottle and in a very abstract way."

And he definitey did it !! If you want to get your hands on one of Gareth's highly collectible ABSOLUT Mode Edition bottles , they will be available exclusively from W Hotel, London from September 7.


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