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Far away-so-close

Da Annalisabarbier
There certainly must be an obscure, secret, implicit connection between us.
All the times I’ve been trying to find a sensible reason to it, an explanation that could make sense for it, all those times I was wrong; there are things that must remain unsaid. We have not found words for them, yet.
I often talk to people because of my being a psychotherapist; and often realize that there is something beyond their words… something I can just feel. Sometimes it shows as a sudden image… a kind of a picture ... Some other times it’s just an impression… or a sudden vibe I get from their narrations.
In all of these cases it comes out to be the right impression, the right image and the perfect vibe that leads me straight to the issue without even knowing why…
Then I know – as I can perfectly feel it – we’re on our way to make things a bit clearer than before. A step ahead on our path to understanding.
That even happens to me with my faraway friends, as I dream of them or have a sudden image of them saying or doing something, and it very often turns out to be a sort of suggestion or a “call”, in which they let me know whether they’re good or not.
Some call it “intuition”, some other “telepathy” or “mind reading”… I just think it’s a kind of a secret, unattended gift we possess. All of us.
Still, only a few can consciously use it while the others may only have sudden, infrequent flashes of awareness, and that often happens when we feel connected in some way with someone and can’t give a reasonable explanation to that overwhelming, strong feeling.
Now I got that wonderful feeling again, stronger than before, strikingly back in my everyday life and I must be grateful to a special person I surprisingly met, and he’s my special NDO (he knows…).
He came from afar, without even knowing I was waiting and praying for such a thing to happen in my life. Without knowing that meeting him was in a certain way the answer to my questions. Now I feel like all pieces fall in their right place and all the thoughts, the impressions and feelings and intuitions I had so far, make finally sense.
I don’t know whether this will stay long or not… but one thing I know for sure: this is the biggest gift I’ve ever had. I must thank you my special NDO for being the man you are and, most of all, for showing it.

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