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How To Lace Dress Shoes

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Before we start talking about styles of shoes, let's talk shape. If you're still walking around in square-toe, rubber-soled lace-ups-the kind you buy on the cheap and that make you look like you've got platypus feet-grab them from your closet and toss them.

Your shoes should be as streamlined as the rest of your wardrobe. They'll look stylish, tasteful, and masculine. And that's all you can ask for. Some guys think leather soles mean hard and uncomfortable. Now you've got two choices: There are those slim, contoured kinds that exude elegance and go great with a luxurious custom suit. And then there are the heftier lace-ups with chunkier soles. Not just what Momma but also a thing or two about them as a person.

When it comes to dress shoes, however, that insight is magnified significantly through a man's footwear. The following is the least a man should know about how to lace dress shoes. It tell folks where you're going and where you've been, they tell everyone who sees you how much you know about men's style and fashion and they project an important image about how you, the well-dressed gentleman, want to be perceived as a man.

How to lace-up dress shoes are our focus here. We won't be discussing slip-ons or monk strap dress shoes because they are in a different category of men's dress shoes than the laced kind. First, however, we must define two important shoe terms: Vamp. The vamp is part of the upper that covers your toes and instep. Front to middle of the upper. Quarters. The quarters meet the vamp mid-foot and wrap around the heel. Middle to back of the upper.

There are two types of how to lace dress shoe open-laced shoes are a fantastic choice for many occasions. They go with woolen fabric men's custom suits (tweeds, for example) and business casual environments. Closed-laced dress shoes, as has been said, are the more formal choice of the two

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