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Silver Wedding Shoes

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Shoes for a wedding are an element that needs to be considered after a wedding gown. but not the least important detail. Most brides invest much more time and effort in their choice of the perfect wedding dress, their hair, and other accessories. Because of this, the choice of shoes is usually not as planned and sometimes is even done at the last minute.

In fact, picking wedding shoes is not as simple as we think; nevertheless, your choice of wedding shoes is important for your big day because they will also be noticed by a lot of people. In order to find a perfect pair of wedding shoes, you should put many things into consideration such as the weather, your gown style, the theme of your wedding etc.

There are so many options in bridal shoes such as pumps, sling backs, snickers, pumps, wedges, sandals and stilettos in different styles and colors. I am sure you are wondering "colors?" Yes, other colors for wedding shoes are in vogue now more than ever and it is very nice and unique when done well. With so many different choices, it is sometimes hard to make a decision because of "analysis paralysis".

However, a recent trend for metallic color would be a perfect choice for wedding shoes. Silver wedding shoes could be a good choice for wedding event because silver wedding shoes look great with a pure white dress, while bronze and gold complement ivory. Silver wedding shoes are a feminine, girly look, and a nude. The shoes also popular with dancers when they want to draw attention away from their feet, could be a good way to keep guests looking at your face.

If you choose silver wedding shoes, you could wear the same shoes as your bridesmaids to create a uniform look. The shoes should work well with your jewelry and accessories, so if you are wearing gold shoes make sure you wear gold earrings or a tiara to balance the look.

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