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how to run android apps on pc using bluestacks

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Bluestacks is a app that allow you to run our android apps and games on pc.

Install BlueStacks

Download BlueStacks App Player for Windows.
BlueStacks App Player is available for Windows and OSX computers, and is a quick, compact install to your boot drive.

Once installs BlueStacks will boot up to its Home Screen, where you can access your installed apps, look up apps in the "Top Charts," search for apps, and access settings.
From here, we will need to do a bit more setup before you can get around to installing apps. You will need to set up access to the Google Play store and associate a Google Account with BlueStacks.

Then you can get onto the Google Play store and download apps. Go to "My Apps" and click on "1-Click Sync Setup," which will bring up a wizard interface that will guide you through the process. Basically, you'll need to either create a Google account, or sign in with your existing one.

If you dont want to sync apps to and from your Android device, you can also just use the built in App Search to search for and install apps from Google Play, Amazon and 1Mobile.

You'll need to go through the App Search button. Type in the name of the app you're looking for, and it will search 1Mobile, Amazon, and Google Play for matches, and give you the option to install apps from any of the above three stores.

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