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How To See Password Behind Stars

Creato il 25 dicembre 2015 da Dher

How To See Password Behind StarsIn this Post i Can Tell you how to check password behind the stars.

Most of the sites online need passwords to gain access or confirm a transaction. Whenever you type passwords into the password box, the characters automatically turns into stars or bullets. This is to protect your password from straying eyes just to prevent yourself. For example as I am an addict on facebook so, I never make my browser settings to disable cookiesand dont remember passwords. By doing that, when I log in to facebook for second time then I don't have to log in or retype my password again and again.

Browsers offer to save the username and password for your online accounts. Most of us use this feature to automatically save our username and passwords in order to login to our websites more easily and quickly.
So, the trick I am gonna reveal is to see passwords behind asterisks in all web browsers or how to show hidden password.

How To Show Hidden Password

Firstly open the website where you have your password saved or you gonna type.

Right click on the password box and go to Inspect Element as shown below.

When the HTML editor will open in the Web Browser, look for input type="password" field and change "password" to "text" and press Enter to save.

You can hit Ctrl +F and type password in the search field and then modify it to text.

Now You will get your password displayed.

How To See Password Behind Stars
How To See Password Behind Stars

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