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New York City Movie Theatres

Creato il 02 aprile 2011 da Zaziefromparis
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
New York City Movie Theatres
Let’s face it: there is no city like Paris, for movie goers.
But besides the place where I live, the other city in the world allowing you to see an old Hollywood picture, a Pasolini movie or a Japanese retrospective at 11 am on a Tuesday morning… definitely IS New York City!
This is why, every time I have the chance to be there, I go to the movies as much as I can. And this is exactly what I did last week: Breakfast at Tiffany’s and movies at will!
But I also walked around to take pictures of my favourite movies theatres. Places where they really care for the pictures they show, places where I feel at home.
I went to the Sunshine Cinema (Lower East Side), an old movie theatre with a great programming and posters of Les Parapluies de Cherbourg by Jacques Demy hanging on its walls. To the lovely Angelika Film Center (near Washington Square), a chain of arty cinemas with different locations in the States (Dallas, Houston, Plano and NY), where I enjoyed a good cup of tea in their beautiful café (if I knew what I was about to see, I would have opted for a glass of whisky, but well…). To the IFC Center, the kingdom of independent cinema in the middle of Greenwich Village, and to the Film Forum (Soho), a place specialised in American independent cinema and foreign art movies (the evidence: they are now showing Le Quattro Volte by Michelangelo Frammartino).
I will write about the movies I have seen in New York in my next posts, but I wanted first to share these places with you.
Because no matter where you are in the world: home is where the movie theatres are!

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