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Nina Gordon "Bleeding Heart Graffiti"

Creato il 10 novembre 2010 da Martelloide
Nina Gordon
Getta definitivamente la spugna la bella Nina e spinge l'accelleratore sul pop da classifica, con arrangiamenti finto rock made in Bob Rock.
Ancora una volta tutto scorre via piacevole e senza impegno. Un buon disco da macchina direi. (2006 Warner Bros / Wea)
Add ex-Veruca Salt co-leader Nina Gordon to a growing list of 90s female rock singers (think Liz Phair and Alanis Morissette) who have left behind the grit of their earlier work to emphasize a more accessible pop sound.
On her 2nd solo release Bleeding Heart Graffiti, producer Bob Rock polishes each song to a high-gloss, showcasing Gordon's lightweight but pleasant voice over lush backgrounds.
The lead-off single "Kiss Me Til It Bleeds" is a catchy meditation on the guy-you-can't-resist, but most of the album lingers in somber ballad territory without displaying the tension of pop contemporaries like Aimee Mann or Fiona Apple.
Nina Gordon sounds like she's having more fun on "Suffragette", where an infectious T-Rex groove and background vocals dead lifted from an 80s Prince record blend into a danceable concoction. (Ben Heege -
- Bleeding Heart Graffiti
- Christmas Lights
- Kiss Me Til It Bleeds
- Suffragette
- This Was The Year
- Don't Let Me Down
- Pure
- Watercolors
- Superstar
- Turn On Your Radio
- When You Don't Want Me Anymore
- Bones And A Name
- The Time Comes
- The Crickets Sound Like Sleigh Bells

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