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PJ HARVEY - England = nuovo video =

Creato il 29 marzo 2011 da Restoinascolto
PJ HARVEY - England = nuovo video =[ Continua l'uscita dei video tratti dall'album Let England Shake di PJ Harvey. Questa volta è il turno di England, che il sito www.spinner.comha lanciato in anteprima. Sullo stesso sito una bella intervista alla cantautrice inglese dalla quale ho estratto giusto un botta e risposta a proposito delle sue influenze musicali]

You've said you didn't want to be preachy on this album and that's not an easy thing to do. Were there writers or artists that inspired you with with the way they write about social and political themes without coming on too strong?

There were some artists I paid close attention to. One of them was the Pogues. Shane McGowan is a great writer, a great lyricist and also the Pogues perform a lot of very traditional, very ancient folk music. A lot of folk music is very political and wonderfully balanced, wonderfully poised in the way it delivers the words that it's saying, so that would be one person I would cite. Neil Young, throughout his career, has dealt with political issues and often done it very, very well within song, Ohio' being a prime example or 'Southern Man.' I can name many more. Then I looked to the poetry of Harold Pinter. I really admire his work as a writer and an essay writer, as well as a playwright, but particularly his poetry. I was very drawn to his work at this time.

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