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Recipe: Baked Peaches decorated

Da Inonno @luca_lovesapple
7 settembre 2011 By Chef Leave a Comment


Recipe: Baked Peaches decorated

A simple and tasty recipe, which you can serve at any occasion, to grandmother’s house, they never disfigured.

curiosity about macaroons, you know that they were of Arab descent? We can find two kinds of macaroons on the market, those kinds Saronno, crisp and crumbly (iNonno favorite) and those type Redwing, reminiscent of soft marzipan.

4 persons Ingredients:

    • 4 nectarines;
    • 8 macaroons;
    • 1 egg yolk;
    • 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
    • 1 small glass of sweet wine (Vin Santo prefer)
    • 8 curls of butter.


    • Take the macaroons with the egg yolk and the cocoa and frullateli;
    • Cut peaches in half, removing the core;
    • Take the mixture and put in peaches, well divided;
    • Put curls of butter on each half-fishing
    • Put the peach halves in a baking dish;
    • Pour over each half peach vin santo;
    • Put in the oven, pre heated to 180 degrees for 30 minutes
    •  Serve warm, garnish with a little sugar

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