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Toploader "Onka's Big Moka"

Creato il 21 ottobre 2010 da Martelloide

La cosa che più mi inquieta è sapere che i Toploader si sono riformati e forse uscirà pure un nuovo disco.
Ma andiamo con ordine. Una decina di anni fa su MTV spopolava sta benedetta Dancing in The Moonlight, che ho sempre trovato di una banalità irritante, ed era pure una cover. Ma non avevo ancora sentito il resto del disco.
Rock senza pretese che si barcamena un pò di quà e un pò di là, giusto per far felici un pò tutti, o nessuno, a dirla tutta. Ma con questo lavoro superarono i due milioni di copie vendute, non so se mi spiego. Insomma...discaccio. (2000 Sony)
The sounds of the 70s have had a mystical and enduring hold over popular music, and with Toploader releasing their debut homage to the funk, rock and psychedelic era, there's little sign of its grasp loosening.
Which--given Joseph Washborn's gravely vocal charms (think Jamiroquai's Jay Kay singing the songs of Reef), the stripped down Stevie Wonder style of "High Flying Bird" and the rock tones of the Black Crowes and Lenny Kravitz on "Breathe" and "Future"--is no bad thing.
Onka's Big Moka, the oddly titled debut from Eastbourne's finest quartet may not be pushing any musical boundaries, but with the gloriously uplifting "Let The People Know", the sublimely emotional outpouring of the soul that is "Achilles Heel" and the light-footed and incredibly cute party piece "Dancing In The Moonlight", it's a flawless exercise in piano bashing and guitar pop. Which again, is no bad thing. (Dan Gennoe -
You have probably heard Toploader's"Dancing In The Moonlight"by now. It squirms its way through to your butt and makes you want to get up and boogie. The rest of Toploader's debut album,"Onka's Big Moka,"is another issue altogether.
Trying to cash in on being a member of the Britpop Club is not a good idea when the club already comprises Ocean Color Scene, Paul Weller, and Reef. Furthermore, trying to build a retro album of soul, gospel, and rock tunes powered by swirling keyboards is out of step with what is happening in the pop charts.
Now, this would not be a problem if Toploader were operating in an indie/alternative arena. Unfortunately, you can sense that the album was meant for general consumption. Although"Dancing In The Moonlight"was a hit, it is actually a cover of a song by a group called King Harvest, and is by far the best thing featured here.
The rest of the album cannot decide if it wants to be The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, or Led Zeppelin.
In the end, the album is a pretty big mess.One wishes that the band had continued to mine the infectious energy of"Dancing,"which reminded me of a rockier Jamiroquai. The closest moment to that would probably be opening track"Let The People Know"and the Lenny Kravitz sound-alike"Just About Living".Stick to the single. (Redmund Law -
- Let The People Know
- Dancing in The Moonlight
- Achilles Heel
- Breathe
- Do You Know What Your Future Will Be?
- Only For A While
- Just Hold On
- Higher State
- High Flying Bird
- Summer Cycle
- Just About Living
- Floating Away ( In A Bath Tub)

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