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Verso la Fine dei Tempi: dai Necron agli Skaven!

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La Games Workshop è una macchina che non si ferma neppure un minuto. In questo post vedremo nuove miniature edite per Warhammer 40000, Warhammer Fantasy e Lo Hobbit. Ce n'è per tutti i gusti...

Verso la Fine dei Tempi: dai Necron agli Skaven!

Il 2015 inizia nel segno dei Necron. Purtroppo non seguendo più il gioco, mi è difficile trovare rumors decenti: mi limito a fare questo copia e incolla dai siti inglesi.
" Schedule
Crammed into the GW schedule right before the new year.
Pre-orders Dec. 19th
Street date: Dec 26th
(Previous chatter from last month says first week of January)
Little to no new models (a la Grey Knights)
(scattered chatter says perhaps 1 character clampack and 1 Destroyer/DestroyerLord plastic kit)
The Necrons will see the release of a Necron lord.
Look for Nerfs to the following:
Doom Scythes
Night Scythes
Tesla will get an overhaul to their rules.
Deathray will receive a big overhaul to how it targets models.
Characters remain fundamentally unchanged.
The Stormlord will recieve a Necron themed orbital bombardment of some type once per game.
Warlord Traits are good with some granting individual units USRs, while another listed granted an improved version of Reanimation Protocols
I have your first Necron leak for you.
There will be a few new rules but no new units (And the obligatory 7th Ed "Balance" that we have all come to know and love)
a grand total of 12 hot new formations, ranging from mostly chaff to absolutely broken.
One of the bigger changes is that Cryptexs and Necron Lords now occupy an HQ slot of their own. For every HQ character in your list, you are allowed to take one of the new Cryptex/Lord detachment (ala warlock council) which is between one and five characters each.
The old royal courts we know and love are gone, but are now a formation (Aptly called a Royal Court) consisting of an Overlord, 1+ Cryptexs, and 1+ Lords.
The Overlord may not take a Command Barge, and all the characters are clumped into one unit.
+1 to reanimation protocol (which is not going away or changing) which stacks with a resurrection orb, and some other buffs that I can't remember, but one had to do with phaerons (Oh, and any phaeron in your detachment MUST be your overlord).
Necrons have a whole new way to build an army! The Decurion. It's both opening a lot of options and restrictive at the same time, as weird as it sounds. You can use it instead of normal FoC if you want. also keep in mind that it's the usual me reading the WD super fast when I have the time so there may be mistakes:
You basically can chose a base formation that includes all of your basic units.
It must contain: - 1 Overlord (or Zandrek, Anraky, Trazyn or a Barge), 2 units of Warriors, 1 of Immortal and 1 of Tomb Blades.
You lose Objectives Secured, Overlord and all units from this formation within 12" reroll 1 to Protocols, and two fluffy but not usually useful rules: Move through Cover and Relentless (in case you really want to charge with your Warriors/Immortals after shooting =/, which is funny because even in the WD they realize it's the only use).
You can add 6 units of Warriors, 3 of Immortals, 2 Lychguards, 2 Tomb Blades if I remember correctly and 3 Monoliths.
No reroll on the Warlord table for it, probably because it's not really a normal detachment.
Once done you can add a Royal court formation: 1 Overlord (same as previously except it can be the Stormlord now), up to 3 Cryptek and up to 3 Lords.
Then, you can add up to 10 of the available formations, which are all about a theme, in any number if I've read it right, (which I'll be able to confirm later today) so you can go full Destroyer if you want for example:
- One is 1 Destroyer Lord, 3 units of Destroyer, and can add 1 unit of Heavy Destroyers (Ohhhhhhhhh, they are no longer Destroyer upgrades?).
- One allow you to add a Nightbringer Shard, Deceiver Shard, ACtan or Vault. (Ohhhhhhhh, they refer to the shards by their name!)
- One is 2 Annihilation Barge and a Doomsday Ark
- I think there is one with an Obelisk and 2 Monoliths.
- One is 1 Spyder, 1 unit of Wraiths, 1 of Scarabs
- 1 Stalker and 2 Praetorians
- 1 unit of Deathmarks (yup, just 1 if I remember right)
- 1 unit of Flayed Ones
- One is up to 4 Doom Scythes (remember folks, I go from memory so I may be messing up numbers)
And so on, I have no idea if these formations can be taken outside of the Decurion, as I didn't have enough time to read in detail. Also I'm pretty sure that there are no Night Scythes and Ghost Arks formations, thus they shall still be dedicated transports I suppose.
Also I do not expect anything else for the Necrons as the end of the WD refer for the following week to "Dance of Death"."
Ma Febbraio è anche il mese degli Eldar, per la precisione il nuovo distaccamento degli Arlecchini. Non c'è solo un nuovo Codex, ma anche nuovi modelli:
Nello scorso post abbiamo visto nuovi modelli degliSkaven per " End of Time". Continuano ad uscire nuovi modelli di questa ondata. Vediamo piacevoli novità:
La Seconda Ondata delle miniature de "Lo Hobbit" sono decisamente scarne rispetto le precedenti. Del resto la saga si è ormai conclusa...
Questo breve post finisce qui. Vi prometto che al prossimo darò più spazio alle miniature GW: visto che sono previste cose molto interessanti... Alla prossima!

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