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The house of Mugler is newly under the creative direction of Nicola Formichetti, Gaga's costume cohort and personal stylist.
The soundtrack was remixed by Mother Monster herself especially for Formichetti's first menswear show, which took place yesterday in Paris. Gaga calls him "Fashion's Freedom."
"I love him, my friend the genius, my collaborator, more more than any piece of clothing or closet I possess. But don't tell him I said that, he'll die. He picked them all out," she said in a statement at the show. 
For the sexy and moody fashion film, which was directed by fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco, Formichetti tracked down an unlikely muse in Canadian model Rick Genest. After seeing the skeleton-tattooed "Zombie Boy" on Facebook, Formichetti flew to Montreal to shoot the video above. It is interspersed with clips from yesterday's runway presentation. 
It features Genest, aka Rico, peeling off slick black paint to reveal his impressive body art and also dancing in a strands of pearls to Gaga's infectious house music. 
Gaga remixed the song specifically for the occasion. It is a track from her new album, "Born This Way," which is set to be released in May. (fonte:stylelist )

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